Top 5 towns you need to see at the Amalfi Coast in Italy!

Turquoise waters, breathtaking views and romantic places: The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most popular destinations in Italy! Situated on the Sorrento Peninsula in Campania, the world-famous Amalfitana coastal road runs past romantic villages worth seeing like Positano and the eponymous Amalfi. In this article, I’ll show sights and places you shouldn’t miss on a trip to the Amalfi Coast!

Amalfi Coast Sights Road
The Amalfi Coast is full of spectacular views and beautiful places & attractions

The most beautiful places along the Amalfi Coast: Sights & Tips

The Amalfi Coast is characterized by its rugged cliffs, hidden villages in the mountains and secluded bays, as well as an absolutely spectacular coastal road, where you often have to keep your nerves both as a driver and as a passenger.

Road trip with a rental car along the Amalfi Coast: Everything you need to know

Amalfi Coast sights lemons on the coastal road Amalfitana

Whether by rental car, your own car, public transportation, or a tour, it’s best to start at the western end of the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento and give yourself at least a few days to explore the best sights of the Amalfi Coast place by place. It’s worth it!

Amalfi Coast Sightseeing Beach in Positano


Sorrento is the perfect starting point for a road trip along the Amalfi Coast. The village center is manageable, with a small pedestrian zone and a little less touristy than other places in the region. A touch of dolce vita passes through the streets and if the Amalfi Coast wouldn’t be ahead with its spectacular views, you could already spend a few beautiful days here.

Where to eat in Sorrento

The best pizza in town is said to be at Pizzeria da Franco. I couldn’t compare all the pizzerias, but the pizza has been really good here! The pizza is thinner and crispier compared to the Neapolitan version.

Where to stay in Sorrento

We stayed in Sorrento for a few days, which turned out to be an awesome decision. With the best view of Sorrento and in the middle of olive groves, we spent the night at the Village Camping Santa Fortunata*. Actually a campsite, this location with its small, fixed bungalows is also a good place for self-drivers! To park the rental car overnight can be an absolute challenge on the Amalfi Coast with its small villages.

Even campsites on the Amalfi Coast are on fleek

Parking is free at the campsite. In addition, the complex has a pool and a private beach. The beach is located in the middle of imposing rocks and is accessible only by a steep path.

Day trips from Sorrento to Capri

By the way, from Sorrento we crossed to the nearby island of Capri, also an absolute must-see on the Amalfi Coast!

Buy your ticket for the ferry to Capri here*


From Sorrento on the Gulf of Naples it’s only a short hop with the ferry over to Ischia and Capri! Capri, for example, can be explored in just one or two days, if you want to spare your budget (Capri is very expensive!) and don’t want to stay there overnight.

The most important sights in Capri

You shouldn’t miss an island boat tour around the island past the Faraglioni with a visit to the Blue Grotto and a walk through the old town of Capri Town.

Book a boat tour around Capri here*

The cable car ride up to Monte Solaro is an absolute highlight on Capri.

Capri, with its turquoise waters all around and its sophisticated towns, has a particularly fascinating flair!

Capri in a day: Full itinerary

Best accomodation deals in Capri*


Positano is probably the most beautiful place on the Amalfi Coast for many people! The pastel-colored houses that seem to pile up on the slopes around the bay of Positano are world famous.

The most important locations in Positano

Around the church of Santa Maria Assunta with its colorful dome of majolica tiles, life flourishes in small alleys! On the promenade you can enjoy the postcard-perfect panorama with a drink.

Where to stay in Positano

In Positano, you’ll find some of the most expensive hotels on the Amalfi Coast, such as Le Sirenuse*. Staying in Positano is generally very expensive, but in hotels like these even more. However, you will then be rewarded with unforgettable views!

My Positano Guide with the best tips & and the most beautiful sights


Ravello would be a very remote, dreamy mountain village if busloads of tourists wouldn’t arrive here during the season. Even getting there can sometimes be exciting, because the road up here is in part even more winding and narrower than the Amalfitana on the coast!

The most important sights in Ravello

Nevertheless, you should definitely pay a visit to Ravello. The view from Villa Rufolo with its gorgeous gardens is just too beautiful!

In the old town of Ravello around the Piazza Duomo you will also find many small studios and stores with pretty handicrafts, which also make great photo opportunities.

By the way, Ravello is also a popular wedding location! If you want to enjoy some romantic flair yourself, I recommend an overnight stay at Villa Cimbrone*.

More about Ravello


If you visit this cute little town today, I guarantee you won’t believe what a big deal it used to be in the past!

In the early Middle Ages, Amalfi was an important center of maritime trade. Today, especially the impressive cathedral from the 10th century (Duomo di Sant’Andrea) bears witness to the splendor of days gone by.

The Cathedral of Amalfi

Where to eat in Amalfi

My recommendation: Take a seat at the Piazza Duomo outside Pasticceria Andrea Pansa and taste delicious babá soaked in rum.

Babà napolitano with rum: At Pasticceria Andrea Pansa

Shopping tip for Amalfi

You should also visit Antichi Sapori d’Amalfi in the old town. There you can get the famous lemon liqueur Limoncello and its creamy version Crema di Limoncello from in-house production!

Lemons: Typical of the Amalfi Coast


Maiori is one of the more relaxed places on the Amalfi Coast. You won’t find many sights here, but you will find a small, nice pedestrian zone and a beach promenade where you can soak up the sun or a beach that is good for swimming.

On the promenade in Maiori you will find a few simple and good cafes

We found a really nice place to stay here with the Relais San Giacomo*. Parking was easy and our accommodation was perfectly located on the promenade. Good base if you are on the road a lot during the day anyway, want to stay far from the crowds, but still love have a beach and small restaurants nearby.

Check prices & availability for Relais San Giacomo*


Strictly speaking, Salerno doesn’t belong to the Amalfi Coast. But I had such a great time in Salerno that I definitely recommend a side trip here. From here you can easily get to Naples by train or further into the south of Italy, so chances are good you might be passing by here anyway.

The Cathedral of Salerno

The most important sights in Salerno

Salerno hasn’t been discovered by the majority of tourists yet, but it has a really nice old town. And if you want to get a breath of sea air in the evening after sightseeing, you can enjoy the sunset with a long walk along the promenade in the middle of the city!

Strolling along the seafront in Salerno

An absolute must-see in Salerno is the cathedral. It’s over 1000 years old! Even if you’re not much fan of churches, you’ll be impressed. Moreover, the cathedral is located in the middle of the old town, which is really worth seeing with its rough charm.

Rustic charm: Salerno’s authentic old town

My favorite tip for Salerno is the Giardino della Minerva. Salerno, with its first university, is considered the cradle of traditional medicine! The gardens are a bit secluded. Here you will find a garden complex above the rooftops of Salerno, where medicinal herbs and plants were already cultivated in the Middle Ages.

Best view of Salerno is from the Giardino della Minerva

How to get there: The best way to get to the Amalfi Coast

The best way to arrive by plane is to land in Naples. The airport in Naples is served by many major airlines such as Lufthansa.

Find cheap flights to Naples*

In Naples itself you can also spend a few great days:

Read my Naples Travel Guide

From there there are several ways to get to the Amalfi Coast:

By public transport

You can take the Circumvesuviana regional train from Naples to Sorrento. From there you can travel the entire Amalfi Coast with the SITA bus. Attention: In summer it gets very crowded!

Finding the official timetables online can be difficult. Here’s a link to save you lots of time looking for it:

SITA Bus timetables (Italian only, it is best to select “Campania” as the region)

Timetable Circumvesuviana Naples-Sorrento (valid until 31.08.2022)

With an organized tour

Many operators offer day tours to the Amalfi Coast from Naples. Of course, if you don’t have time, that’s a good option. However, a single day is really very, very little to explore the full beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

Day tour from Naples to the Amalfi Coast*.

Restaurant in Positano

With a private shuttle

If you don’t want to drive yourself, don’t feel like a day trip and public transportation is too complicated for you, you can organize a private shuttle from Naples to many places at the Amalfi Coast. This is super convenient, because you are still flexible and don’t need to worry driving along the adventurous roads.

By private shuttle from Naples airport to the Amalfi Coast*

By rental car (or with your own car)

For me by far the most beautiful way to travel the Amalfi Coast! Indeed, the coastal road along the Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacular roads in the world.

Perfect car for a drive along the Amalfi Coast

With its many tight curves along vertiginous cliffs, however, a road trip there is not for everyone. The driving is exhausting, parking spaces are scarce everywhere – but still: I would do it again anytime. The views are simply breathtaking, and the flexibility of having your own car is totally worth it.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind! The best thing to do is to read my road trip guide for the Amalfi Coast!

Find cheap rental cars in Naples*

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast

The busiest months on the Amalfi Coast are from about April to October. In July and August it gets very crowded everywhere, the temperatures are high; in places like Ravello up in the mountains it is a bit cooler. Beaches do exist on the Amalfi Coast, for example in Positano or Maiori, but personally, I would not classify them as “dream beaches”. I therefore recommend you rather somewhat cooler months, e.g. April/May (except Easter) or September/October! The weather is then pleasantly warm, there are not quite so many tourists on the road and hotels are more affordable.

General tips for planning

The Amalfi Coast is not that long, but there are many beautiful places to discover. Due to the adventurous winding coastal road, you don’t get from one place to another quite as fast as you might think. Therefore, plan enough time! I found it very convenient to always stay 1-2 nights in one place and then move on. This way you have enough time to explore the most beautiful sights and simply work your way from place to place.

Accommodation on the Amalfi Coast

Tip: Book early, because the cheap & good accommodations are always booked up quickly! Spontaneous booking can get very pricey at the Amalfi Coast!

Best places to stay on the Amalfi Coast*

Are you traveling by car? If you want to stay overnight in and around Positano, for example, be sure to check out the parking options. Some accommodations offer parking and and that is really worth it with the often difficult parking situation.

More articles about the Amalfi Coast & surroundings:

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