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Brazil is a very large and diverse country, which is why you want your trip to Brazil to be well planned. With my travel guides I would like to give you some helpful advice and ideas for your next vacation!

As a half Brazilian, I’m visiting Brazil on a regular basis. Mostly to visit my family, but also to travel around this huge country and to explore the most interesting places. On my blog, I’ll provide you with insider tips and insights into a very special country full of joie de vivre, nature and charisma. A trip to Brazil is something you will never forget!

Rio de Janeiro  |  Brasília

State of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)  |  State of Goiás (GO)

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro Top 10 Attractions Sugar Loaf Mountain

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro: The Top 10 Attractions!

Rio de Janeiro really is an impressive city! No surprise that the inhabitants of Rio, the Cariocas, are so passionate about their city! In this article I’ll show the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro when you are short on time and which sights you shouldn’t skip!

Brasilia Tourist Attractions Museu Nacional

10 Things to do in Brasilia, Brazil’s young capital!

The capital of Brazil has almost the same name as the country itself: Brasília. Founded in 1960, Brasília was a futuristic project at the time. And today? A place you shouldn’t miss when travelling through Brazil: There is no other place in Brazil as bizarre as Brasília!

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