Brazil is a very large and diverse country, so vacation to Brazil needs to be well planned. With my travel tips I want to give you some help so that you are well prepared. On my blog, you will find many helpful travel guides for Brazil!

As a half Brazilian, I’m constantly traveling there. Mainly to visit my family. But also to explore this vast country and get to know interesting places. I’ll show you insights into a very special country full of joie de vivre, nature and charisma. You won’t forget a trip to Brazil!

Rio de Janeiro | Brasília

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) | Goiás (GO)

Brasilia Tourist Attractions Museu Nacional

10 Things to do in Brasilia, Brazil’s young capital!

The capital of Brazil has almost the same name as the country itself: Brasília. Founded in 1960, Brasília was a futuristic project at the time. And today? A place you shouldn't miss when travelling through Brazil: There is no other place in Brazil as bizarre as Brasília!