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Since 2014, I've been writing about my adventures on The Happy Jetlagger. Is life on the road really as adventurous as you might think? Between continents and airports, either on my way to the next destination or back home, I'm writing down my thoughts on travelling and everything else.

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On the flight to Aberdeen, a passenger said to me: "Aberdeen is a special city. Everything is grey. The whole city. I bet you've never seen so much grey at one place in your life!" Ha. Well, he didn't know that I grew up in an industrial area in Germany, the "Ruhrgebiet", a place which was dominated by the coal and steel industry for a long time and which isn't very famous for its beauty. I basically grew up between the rests of a dying industry - so I thought, Aberdeen couldn't shock me. Mehr lesen
When it comes to hotels I'm not a big fan of hotel chains. Not that I don't appreciate the ameneties of a bigger hotel, but in the end it still reminds me of work, as we as crews always stay there. In my vacation, I rather try to seek the unusual. And that how I stranded one day at The Memory at On On in Phuket. Mehr lesen
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