China is one of the countries where I had the most prejudices before my first trip. Today I am glad that I was able to see it for myself: China is a diverse country and I made so many exciting experiences.

Shanghai & Jiangsu Province | Hong Kong | Peking

Hongkong Skyline

Hong Kong: A Typhoon, the Peak Tram and a Skyline

I'm dealing with natural disasters at the moment. Either they travel after me as they did in Charlotte or they rush ahead of me. The latter then happened in Hong Kong. As a result, the briefing was postponed by a full 12 hours due to a typhoon - dramatically shortening my first stay in Hong Kong. No matter. Better to arrive behind the typhoon than during it, right? And I was rewarded with the best view ever!
Shanghai Pudong skyline

Shanghai Tips: First time in China

There was one thing that no intercultural communication seminar could prepare me for. Because live and in color, it takes some getting used to when a complete stranger from China snots in front of your feet in the middle of the sidewalk. Other countries, other customs. How I was still able to more than reconcile with Shanghai, you can find out here...