Best Things to Do in Capri in One Day

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Capri, in the Gulf of Naples, is the island of Capri fishermen, Capri pants, and home to the famous blue grotto – not to mention the inspiration for one of the most popular postwar hits in Germany(“When the red sun sinks into the sea at Capri…”). I tell you in this article, how to spend a day on Capri and which attractions are really worth it!

Capri fishing boats in Marina Grande

Where is Capri?

Capri is an island in the Gulf of Naples and can be reached by ferry in just 45 minutes from Naples. The island with the famous Blue Grotto has always been a magnet for the rich and intellectuals – but once you’ve been to Capri, you’ll soon know why: the Mediterranean flair is simply unique and reminiscent of places like Positano!

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By ferry from Sorrento or Naples to Capri

Most ferry connections are from Naples, but smaller ports along the Amalfi Coast are also connected to Capri. The ferry ride from Sorrento takes just 25 minutes. Capri is therefore perfect for a day trip, for example if you are on a city trip to Naples or are visiting the most beautiful locations on the Amalfi Coast on a road trip.

Tickets can be easily purchased online. You should only be at the ticket counter one hour before departure to exchange the online ticket for a regular one (but it’s faster than buying on the spot). You also get the return ticket at the same time, so you just have to show up at the ferry in the evening.

Here you can buy tickets online for all ferry connections to Capri*

Capri sights harbor Marina Grande

Capri Island Tour with Blue Grotto

Before boarding the ferry, a vendor sells tickets for a boat trip around Capri. Sounds like a rip-off at first, but the prices are the same everywhere. And you really shouldn’t miss out on a boat tour around the island to see the full beauty of the island.

Book your boat tour around Capri in advance*

The best thing is, if you buy a ticket for the round trip before going on the ferry: You can transfer directly to the smaller boat after arriving in Capri. The Capri tour costs €18. Or you can save yourself all the crowds and on-site sales and buy your ticket for the island tour with a stop at the Blue Grotto (weather permitting) right online!

If you want to visit the Blue Grotto, the boat stops just before the grotto. When the water level is right (depending on the tide and weather), you can change to a rowing boat and row into the Blue Grotto for an extra charge.

Capri cave
Turquoise water everywhere

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Tips for the Blue Grotto in Capri

The Blue Grotto is a cave that owes its name to the particularly blue water. The cave can be reached only from the sea side and is very low. Only small rowboats can go in. The entrance fee or the ride in a rowing boat costs 14€. But whether you can really go in depends on the weather. Like on our visit, the sea level can be so high that the entrance is closed.

Blue Grotto Capri Sights Entrance
The dark spot in the rock on the left: The entrance to the Blue Grotto on Capri at high tide.

The Faraglioni of Capri

Regardless of the weather, during the tour you will definitely see one of the most famous sights of Capri. By boat you pass right between the Faraglioni, the striking rocks off the coast of Capri.

Faraglioni rocks Capri sights
Impressive: The Faraglioni in front of Capri.
Faro di Punta Carena lighthouse Capri attractions

By the way, from the boat you can also see the Via Krupp, a road with adventurous serpentines carved into the rock. Around 1900, the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp had this road built to get from his luxury hotel down to the sea more quickly.

From Marina Grande to Capri Town

The tour ends again in Marina Grande. Once you settle down in one of the cafés at the harbor, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the price structure on Capri. A Coke for five euros? On Capri, this is a quite normal price, everything is more expensive here.

Capri ticket ticket for cable car
The ride on the Funicolare saves you the arduous climb to Capri town.

To get to Capri Town, there are several options:

  • Cab
  • Public bus
  • Cable car

For the bus and the cable car there is a ticket office opposite the Bar Azzura, it is best to buy a cable car ticket and one or more bus tickets for the later trips.

Tip: Day trips to Capri

No time to plan everything yourself? With these organized tours you have everything included, transfer from your accommodation to the port, the trip to Capri and the island tour itself with optional visit to the blue grotto.

Day tour from Naples*
Day tour from Sorrento*

The Best Spots in Capri Town

If Marina Grande is quite pretty but not very exciting, Capri town shows exactly the flair that made Capri so famous. Capri has become a favorite destination of stars and starlets especially in the 50’s and 60’s, many Hollywood movies were filmed here.

Capri attractions Hotel La Palma entrance

The alleys of Capri Town

The small, narrow streets in Capri town, the mild climate, nestled in the beautiful nature of the island: the atmosphere on Capri is really perfect, if it weren’t for the many other tourists who are also looking for exactly that.

Man in alley in Capri

The most beautiful thing is to simply stroll through the tiny alleys off the piazza and take in the Italian Dolce Vita vibes.

Bella Italia! Find even more travel inspiration for Italy here

Giardini di Augusto & Via Krupp

In Capri town you will find the Giardini di Augusto, from which you can descend to the sea via Via Krupp. (If you like it more relaxed, I would skip Via Krupp on a day trip).

Carthusia: The perfumes with the scent of Capri

Capri is also associated with the perfumes of Carthusia: classic fragrances with typical Mediterranean notes. Only high-quality fragrances are used and production is still entirely by hand. The perfumes can also be bought online – but on site you can of course try better and buy a typical Capri souvenir straight away.

Balcony in Capri city in alley

Restaurant recommendation in Capri Town

Eating out in Capri Town is a bit of an adventure: there are a lot of tourist traps, and it’s expensive to boot. It’s worth taking a look at the less crowded little streets. That’s also how we found the E’ Divino. Tucked away and inconspicuous from the outside, this place serves delicious Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting. And affordable by local standards.

Anacapri: The quieter Capri

The crowds in Capri town can get to you. If you want to experience Capri in a more relaxed way, you should continue to Anacapri. From Capri town you can get to Anacapri by public bus, adventure included. Because the way the small, packed buses wind their way along the narrow streets is quite an experience!

The old town of Anacapri is quite small, just enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Capri Bus to Anacapri Bus Stop
Piaggio Ape Vespacar on Capri
Dove on Museo Casa Rossa di Anacapri Capri
Capri souvenir handicraft tiles
Capri Anacapri door in old town
Capri Anacapri couple in old town
Anacapri: Capri from its quieter side.

Monte Solaro: The best view

Directly in Anacapri there is also the chairlift station of Monte Solaro, the highest mountain of the island. Monte Solaro can also be climbed on foot, from Anacapri the short hike takes about an hour. Or you can take the chairlift, which offers you the most beautiful panoramic view over Capri.

Capri Monte Solaro view with Faraglioni
Monte Solaro Capri flower
Monte Solaro view Capri coast

From the viewpoint of Monte Solaro you have another beautiful view of the Faraglioni.

Capri Faraglioni rocks in front of island
The Faraglioni from Monte Solaro

Back we go again with the chairlift to Anacapri. From there you can take the bus directly back to Marina Grande, where the ferry to the mainland is waiting.

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