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Where To Find The World’s Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

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Not that you can’t find good pizzerias almost everywhere in Italy. But once in Naples, you should definitely stop by L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele. Here you can get the best pizza in Naples, oh, even the best pizza in the world! At least that’s what pizza connoisseurs say. Da Michele is no longer an insider tip for the best pizza in Naples: celebrities such as Maradona, Bill Clinton and Julia Roberts have dined in this traditional pizzeria. The latter ate pizza here for the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, and just like the island of Bali, which also appears in the film, the Da Michele pizzeria in Naples was given a new boost in popularity by the movie.

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Pizza Naples L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

Neapolitan pizza at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

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Neapolitan pizza is a little different from traditional pizza: the edges are still relatively crispy, but the dough is generally much softer. They don’t skimp on the tomato sauce either. This can make eating a little more adventurous. Especially if you want to eat your pizza in large pieces with your hands instead of piece by piece with a knife and fork.

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Spoilt for choice: Pizza Margherita or Pizza Marinara

The menu at Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples is simple: there is none! Why should they, there are only two types of pizza! For almost a hundred years, only two traditional Neapolitan pizzas have been served here: Pizza Marinara and Pizza Margherita. The Marinara pizza contains no seafood, but tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and olive oil. The Margherita pizza consists of tomato sauce, mozzarella, a little fresh basil and olive oil. These two varieties are the most traditional, original pizzas in Naples. And Da Michele in particular doesn’t serve anything else.

Pizza Naples best Pizza Margherita at Da Michele
The best Margherita pizza in the world?

And the taste: you have to try it! The tomato sauce is juicy and fruity, with the light mozzarella cheese and the soft dough in the middle… and everything together tastes so passionately sun-kissed! It’s fascinating how you can conjure up such a delicious pizza from so few ingredients.

Pizza Naples L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele Pizzaiolo
At L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples, you can watch the pizzaiolos baking pizzas.

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Pizza Naples Most famous pizzeria Eat Pray Love

Casual atmosphere: Eating pizza like a Neapolitan

Despite the hype, despite the sometimes long queues outside the door: the atmosphere is unpretentious, people shout loudly, chatter, bake pizza, knead dough and simply squeeze themselves into one of the small tables, or simply join others if necessary. The ambience is like the menu: Simple, but good! And affordable.

Pizza Naples L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele Snake
Pizza Naples Waiting number for Pizzeria Da Michel in Naples

It is not possible to reserve a table in advance. If all the tables are occupied, you get a waiting number from one of the waiters at the entrance and simply wait outside in front of the restaurant. The numbers are then called out loudly.

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele Via Cesare Sersale 1, Naples (Centro Storico)
Opening hours Mon-Sat 11-23h


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