Things to Do in Positano & Tips for the Amalfi Coast

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Positano is Instagram’s favorite. Not that the rest of the Amalfi Coast, with places like Amalfi and Ravello, is just as worth seeing: Positano is in a different league. There aren’t really many sights in Positano. The special atmosphere of the most famous town on the Amalfi Coast is enough of an attraction in itself. Is it really worth staying there? And what if you just want to have a good time in Positano instead of chasing after the next hotspots? See for yourself.

Tip: Book cheap accommodation for Positano in advance*

Positano sights houses

Positano – the highlight of the Amalfi Coast

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Positano is the small Italian coastal village with the pretty little houses that frame a bay on steep slopes. Positano is probably the most famous town on the Amalfi Coast and the highlight of any trip through the region. The journey is adventurous: you drive towards Positano on winding, narrow roads. The town center itself and the slope down to the bay are best reached on foot. And Positano is definitely one of the places in the world that has become even more popular thanks to Instagram.

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However, I thought Positano looked nice in pictures, but it wasn’t the place that was at the top of my wish list for our road trip along the Amalfi Coast. The Instagram hype was too much for me. But since we’ve been there before, I’ve researched a few nice Instagram hotspots in Positano:

#1 The beach of Positano & Fornillo Beach

Positano has two beaches, both of which are rather disappointing for real beach lovers. The beaches are relatively small. Sun loungers are expensive and the sand is dark brown instead of powdery white. But the real attraction is the scenery around it: the steep slopes with the cute houses frame the beaches. Positano Beach is the beach directly below the town center, Fornillo Beach is a little away from the center and is less crowded.

In the Blu Bar you can enjoy the beach life in the first row with a cocktail, but the same applies here as everywhere else in Positano: don’t look at the prices!

#2 Santa Maria Assunta Church

The Santa Maria Assunta church is part of the panorama of Positano. The dome with its majolica tiles is one of the town’s most striking features. From the stairs down to the large forecourt, you even have a view of the sea.

Positano Santa Maria Assunta
Positano sights Church of Santa Maria Assunta

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#3 Viewpoint: Restaurant Il Capitano

From the restaurant Il Capitano you have a perfect view over the bay of Positano. But if you don’t necessarily want to eat here, the view from the path above is at least as beautiful.

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Positano sightseeing view restaurant Il Capitano

#4 Lunch tip: Casa E Bottega

We discovered Casa E Bottega by chance, the perfect lunch spot in Positano and: Very instagrammable! At Casa E Bottega, special emphasis is placed on freshness and good quality. There are several options for vegans and vegetarians. The dishes are okay, the portions small, but definitely a good choice for Positano if you don’t fancy the usual tourist traps. And when I saw the dog of the house, I was a fan anyway. Incidentally, Casa E Bottega is the cheaper sister restaurant of Next 2 a little further up the street.

Positano Restaurant Casa e Bottega

#5 The alleyways of Positano

A tip for choosing an outfit for Positano: sneakers are an advantage! Many steps and narrow alleyways lead down to the town center and the beach. High heels are out of place here. The most beautiful Insta-motifs appear in the romantic urban canyons.

Practical tips for Positano

Well, Positano is indeed very picturesque. However, I didn’t become a real fan. Even in the low season in October, day tourists and tour groups squeeze through the narrow streets. After a few days on the Amalfi Coast and places that were also unexpectedly quite crowded, I didn’t like seeing crowds any more. And the prices! Positano is an expensive place, a visit to a restaurant is a small investment, not to mention an overnight stay in a hotel.

Where to stay in Positano

It’s worth booking early, especially in the high season! Positano and the Amalfi Coast are then so overcrowded that the cheapest options are long since fully booked. If you are traveling by rental car, make sure you have good parking facilities at your accommodation. Otherwise it can be expensive and difficult to find a parking space in the narrow and winding streets. Parking spaces are rare!

Tip: Accommodation in Positano is scarce in summer! And don’t shy away from the high prices – it doesn’t get any cheaper, and whoever books first has a clear advantage.

Here you will find good hotels in Positano!

How to get there

You can get to Positano by SITA bus, the public transport on the Amalfi Coast, with some ferry companies that call at the small bay of Positano from several ports nearby or by car/rental car (which is my personal recommendation due to the beautiful route!).

Here you can find cheap rental cars for a road trip along the Amalfi Coast*(just enter the desired location!)

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Parking in Positano

If you are only going to the city for one day, I recommend going straight to one of the paid parking lots at the entrance to the city. The parking options don’t get any better, you have to walk a lot in Positano anyway (and climb a lot of stairs!) and you save yourself a lot of stress. Also, the main road is a one-way street, so you can’t just turn around and drive back to the parking lot.

Paid parking lots are often privately operated and cost 5 euros/hour during our visit. The vehicles are parked on site by the staff to make use of every last centimeter, so you have to hand in your car keys. I was suspicious at first, but everything went well. However, as always, I had taken out fully comprehensive insurance with no excess for the rental car, so I didn’t have to worry about parking damage.


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