South Tyrol: The Best Things to do in the Valle Isarco

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If you’ve ever taken the Brenner freeway on vacation, then you’ve at least passed it: The Eisack Valley (Italian: Valle d’Isarco) is located south of the Brenner Pass and is named after the river Eisack. Here you can relax in nature, explore hiking trails, enjoy the alpine panorama or enjoy the South Tyrolean hospitality! I spent a few days there and now I’ll show you my favourite tips for the Valle d’Isarco in South Tyrol!

Vineyard in Eisack valley with snow covered alps

Apple blossom in the Eisack Valley

I was really lucky that I arrived in the Eisack Valley exactly at the time of the apple blossom. Apple blossom lasts only a few weeks in the spring. Then all the apple meadows are full of pink blossoming apple trees! In fact, the majority of all Italian apples comes from South Tyrol. Especially in the Valle Isarco apple growing has a long tradition.

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From Natz-Schabs you can walk along the apple trail and admire this spectacular event in spring.

Route & information about the apple trail

Apple blossom in the Eisack Valley in South Tyrol
Apple orchards during the apple blossom in Natz-Schabs in South Tyrol
Apple blossom in South Tyrol

Nature in the Raier Moos

The Raier Moos is a protected biotope and home to many animals and rare plants. A hiking trail leads around the Raier Moos, which provides a lot of information about the special flora and fauna.

Nature trail Raier Moos

Raier Moos in the Eisack Valley Biotope and Lake
Hiking trail and map for the Eisack Valley


By the way, from Natz you can take a short hike to Neustift. A short break at the Pacherhof, however, is recommended! The Pacherhof is not only a hotel and restaurant, but also a winery. The farm itself has existed since 1142 and has always been family owned. On the sun-drenched slopes of the Pacherhof, grapes are cultivated and then being processed into the most tasty award-winning white wines.

View of Neustift in the Eisack Valley in South Tyrol
Winery Pacherhof in Neustift
White wine from Pacher Hof in Neustift
Wine tasting at Pacher Hof in South Tyrol

The modern wine cellars, which are also an interesting architectural contrast to the historic building, can be visited during a tasting.

In general, the combination of tradition and modernity is impressive!

You can also stay overnight at the Pacherhof and then continue sipping white wines all day long by the pool with a view of the mountains!

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Abbazia di Novacella / Neustift Monastery

Nearby you will find another popular sight in the Eisack Valley. The Abbazia di Novacella is the largest monastery in Tyrol and is open to the public in large parts. The monastery church with its impressive frescoes is particularly pretty.

church in the monastery Neustift in South Tyrol
Abbazia di Novacella near Brixen in South Tyrol
Fountain at the Abbazia di Novacella near Brixen in South Tyrol

And if you need a break from all that hiking: In the beer garden of the Stiftkeller you can relax and taste themonastery’s own products. Like the wines, for example, because wine is also pressed here in the monastery!

Stiftskeller Kloster Neustift near Brixen in South Tyrol


The largest town in the Eisack Valley, Bressanone, has one of the most beautiful old town centers in the region. Worth seeing here are the Bressanone Cathedral, the Bressanone Cloister and the Hofburg.

For great tips on Bressanone, check out Lea’s post on her blog Escape Town (german):

The Best Things To Do in Bressanone

Staying in the Eisack Valley

I stayed at Seehof Nature Retreat, a wellness hotel with a really outstanding spa area. If you are in the region for a longer time and in need for a bit of relaxation, I can only recommend a few days here: The perfect combination of wellness and nature!

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Seehof Nature Retreat in Natz-Schabs in South Tyrol

Disclaimer: The Seehof Nature Retreat invited me to South Tyrol.

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