Es Trenc: The dream beach in Mallorca

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Es Trenc is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. With its turquoise blue, crystal clear water and light sand, Es Trenc almost feels like the Caribbean. I’ll tell you the best way to get to Es Trenc, and what you should definitely keep in mind so you’ll be as excited about this dream beach as I am.

Tips for Es Trenc:
➜ Accommodations near Es Trenc: Ses Covetes* or Colonia Sant Jordi*.
➜ Come early, parking spaces are scarce!
➜ Do not forget sun protection
➜ You can find more tips for the island on my Mallorca Blog

Es Trenc beach in Mallorca
Es Trenc: White sand and turquoise water

Es Trenc: Mallorca’s Caribbean beach

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Es Trenc beach is located in the southeast of Mallorca, between Sa Rapità and Colonia Sant Jordi. Situated in a nature reserve, Es Trenc is really a special place. Only with a few simple beach huts and old bunkers, the wide, light sandy beach stretches for almost 10 km. You can walk far into the sea, the beach is very shallow. Often there are only little waves, so you can swim here well with children.

By the way, here you can find even more great locations and insider tips on my favorite island Mallorca: All about Mallorca

Mallorca beach Es Trenc with white sand and turquoise water
Es Trenc from Ses Covetes

The water is usually so clear that you can watch the fish swim around your legs. I also always think that it is particularly good to float in the sea here, because the water is saltier than elsewhere on Mallorca.

The salt flats of Es Trenc

Whether this is true, I don’t know – but in any case, just behind the beach are the salt flats of Es Trenc, where sea salt is still extracted by hand from the large basins. A side trip here is worth it! The Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc in its beautiful tins is a great souvenir and their pretty shop is a good place to take a little break.

Es Trenc salt flats

flor de sal estrenc

Nature reserve around Es Trenc

Nature conservation plays a big role in Es Trenc. In order to keep the beach as natural as possible, washed up seaweed is not removed here, unlike at many other beaches on the island. In somesplaces, the beach may then look less Caribbean, but there is usually always a section that is free of sea grass.

Nature reserve with dunes in Es Trenc Mallorca
Behind the beach: nothing but dunes

Garbage is also a hot topic in Es Trenc. There are no trash cans, only a few at the beach stalls; everyone is required to take their trash back with them. It’s a nice idea, but there’s little real evidence of it. No signs, no nothing. And so some visitors just dispose of their trash anywhere. Glass bottles are prohibited, but this is also communicated rather poorly.

Posidonia sea grass on the beach of Es Trenc in Mallorca
The beach of Es Trenc is natural: Washed up seaweed is part of it

By boat to Es Trenc

Es Trenc is also a popular destination for sailboats, catamarans and yachts. In midsummer, unfortunately, this gets a bit out of hand, and occasionally one or another jet ski driver disturbs a bit the relaxing atmosphere. However, the further you get towards Ses Covetes, the quieter it gets, as most boats tend to anchor off Ses Salines. If you ever have the opportunity to explore the area around Es Trenc from the water, do it! A boat ride in turquoise blue sea is an experience you won’t forget.

Turquoise blue sea in front of Es Trenc Mallorca
Turquoise blue water as far as the eye can see

In Mallorca you can easily rent small boats by yourself, even without a boating license. If you don’t feel up to it or want to save money, you can join an organized tour.

Book a catamaran tour to Es Trenc*.

Anchoring boats in front of Es Trenc Mallorca
Boats like to anchor in front of Es Trenc

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Nudism in Es Trenc

Somewhere in Es Trenc, by the way, there is an official nudist section. I never really found out exactly where that was. Towards Ses Covetes you will notice more nudists. The atmosphere is always quite relaxed, if you want to go skinny dipping and get a tan without tan lines – go for it! If you’re not up to it, then just leave your bathing suit on, no worries!

Nudist beach in Es Trenc Mallorca

Es Trenc in Mallorca: Is it worth it?

Unfortunately, like so many beautiful spots on the island, Es Trenc is no longer a real insider tip. Many people think that Es Trenc is completely overrated and are annoyed by the mass of people, the arduous journey, the sometimes adventurous parking situation and the horrendous prices. I partly agree, because in July and August it can be anything but idyllic in Es Trenc. Nevertheless, Es Trenc is still beautiful and definitely one of the beaches you should check out while on the island!

Es Trenc Mallorca
You don’t always find the beach of Es Trenc that empty: I’ll tell you the secret!

By the way, the area around Es Trenc is also a good idea if you want to spend a few chilled days on the island with lots of sun and time on the beach. The nearby Colonia Sant Jordi, for example, is a nice small village with cozy bars and restaurants. From here you can also walk to Es Trenc.

Check availabilty & prices for hotels in Colonia Sant Jordi here*

View of Ses Covetes from the beach of Es Trenc Mallorca

How to get there from Campos

Es Trenc is located in the middle of a nature reserve. There are only two accesses to the beach: one in Ses Covetes, the other in Ses Salines. Almost no matter which direction you come from, head to Campos first. From there, both accesses are signposted: Es Trenc Ses Salines and Es Trenc Ses Covetes.

General advice for Mallorca: With a rental car you get to see best the most beautiful corners of the island!
Book a rental car for Mallorca here*

Waves on the beach of Es Trenc Mallorca

Parking in Ses Salines

If you decide to go to Ses Salines, you will also pass by the salt flats – it’s worth a little stop here! Continue following the signs and you will eventually reach the large parking lot Na Tirapèl behind the dunes.

Parking there costs 7€ in high season, 5€ in low season.

(Don’t park off the parking lot to avoid costs. It’s almost impossible, and even if it seems like you’re here in the middle of nowhere: There are parking tickets here, too, and they can be expensive).

Pro: The beach is only a few hundred meters away and you’ll get straight to the few Chiringuitos (beach stalls), which also rent umbrellas and deck chairs.

Con: The last piece of road to the parking lot isn’t asphalted, very narrow and lined with dense bushes. Expect to lose a mirror or two, and you can’t always avoid scratches in the car. With larger cars, driving is extremely uncomfortable, even more so with oncoming traffic. If you want to leave early, you have to fight your way past oncoming traffic on the narrow access road to the beach.

The parking lot has room for only 400 cars, at the very latest from noon you won’t find a free spot in summer. Come early to get a parking spot!

Also, in my opinion, the beach section in Ses Salines is the less beautiful one in Es Trenc during the high season. There are chiringuitos here with lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent, but that and the convenient parking lot next door also ensure that this is where most people hang out.

Parking in Ses Covetes

Ses Covetes is a small village at the other end of Es Trenc. In the parking lot Sa Barralina you’ll park a little outside the village.

Parking costs 1€ per hour, but you can also buy a day ticket for 6€.

Better be generous, because this is also being controlled. If you make it in time within a grace period of 30 minutes, you can still cancel your ticket at the parking ticket machine for 5€. Otherwise the penalty is 80€.

From the parking lot it is still about 1.5 km to the beach and on the beach itself you have to walk a bit until you get to the nicer part. Unfortunately, the walk from the parking lot in the blazing sun is not recommended for families with children and elderly persons. Therefore, ithere is actually a paid shuttle bus in summer. However, this service has been suspended due to the pandemic and won’t probably return in 2022.

Ses Covetes Mallorca
Early in the morning you can still find parking in Ses Covetes

Ses Covetes is my absolute insider tip for Es Trenc. In fact, there are a few parking options in the town itself if you get here very early. However, you should be there by 8 or 9am the latest. And don’t forget to pull the parking ticket! Just drive past the parking lot and into the town.

From here it is only a short walk to the beach.

Es Trenc from Ses Covetes Mallorca morning
Es Trenc in the early morning: In Ses Covetes there is also a small beach hut with sunbeds.

Tips for Es Trenc:

  • Arrive early (preferably before 9 am)
  • Parking in Ses Covetes
  • Pull a day ticket
  • Bring your own food & parasol
  • Don’t forget high sunscreen
  • Avoid the weekends

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