About me

Hey, I’m Tatiana: travel blogger, photographer and flight attendant.

My way of traveling is – let’s say – special. I’m not a digital nomad living somewhere in Bali, nor did I quit a 9-to-5 office job to free myself from an unloved hamster wheel.

I have had a steady job for many years, but it is very unusual and basically consists of traveling: I am a flight attendant. For what feels like forever.

It doesn’t stop there: Most of the time I work for a month, then I have a moment off. Fancy, isn’t it?

And during this time I do what? That’s right: travel!

In the meantime, quite a few places and tips have come together, and I share them here on the blog.

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My travel planning

The most frequent questions I get as a travel blogger are probably how I plan my trips and when and at all – and I hate exactly these questions like the plague. Because I don’t really plan anything. Also find this completely annoying. Best to sit at your desk the year before and plan your next trip with Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists? Nope. Not with me. I want to travel and not have an extra office job. Eve check-in? For me, the gateway to limbo.

So I think planning is pretty stupid. So stupid that I already privately flew to Bangkok all alone in a jerk action and got off the plane without a clue how I would want to spend the next weeks. An accommodation for the first night I had – of course – also NOT! And despite or because of that, it was a really awesome trip that took me through half of Thailand and Vietnam.

Travel is easier than you think

I wish I could tell you now cockily, I just drifted (okay, I did that to some extent) and adventurously made my way through the urban jungle of Bangkok with my hands and feet in a foreign language.

But the truth is, travel is so easy.

English skills, a credit card in your pocket and the most important tool of all, a smartphone with internet reception (and hey, it’s even better in a Laotian rice paddy in the middle of nowhere than in Berlin-Mitte), and it’s like you’ve never been anywhere else.

How a smartphone can replace an entire travel agency, and within seconds, I still find fascinating. (Yeah, okay Boomer, but: I just grew up without a cell phone). Just like that, I googled the perfect hotel at the airport in Bangkok in the middle of the night in a few minutes, checked out the next trips, and the journey could begin.

(You realize, this is probably the travel blog for the intrepid).

The dear money, the small and the big luxury

Okay, before this sounds like the next big budget outdoor blog where one rafting adventure follows the next or I tell you how to fox with pennies even on the other side of the world, I have to confess something: I love luxury. And then, suddenly, traveling is no longer so easy when you don’t have the money. But that’s another story, and where you’re going to get the money to travel, if you don’t have any, I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Your travel budget is none of my business.

I’ll say it blatantly: I like great luxury, beautiful hotels, exceptional service (occupational disease) and good food. And do not find that I have to be ashamed of it. Unfortunately, I can’t afford all the travel dreams I’d like to experience either.

But luxury is not just five-star hotels and fancy restaurants, I also find luxury often enough in small things. Or what would you call it, on a palm-fringed beach on a small Malaysian island to live in a simple, scruffy wooden hut and the only daily question is whether you’d rather finish your fifth book first in the hammock in front of the door and then chase clown fish while snorkeling or vice versa?

Where to get the best tips

My source for good tips are still blogs or social media accounts and that’s what this blog here is meant to provide you. Tips for the road, what to do where, how to organize what best and what traps to beware of on the road.

I have already heard from some readers that they always had my blog with them, so to speak, when traveling. That makes me really proud and happy. And others, who are still sitting at home, get inspiration for a possible next travel destination and the appropriate tips in my articles at the same time.

What awaits you on my blog

I want to encourage you to let go, go out into the world and travel for all you’re worth. With open eyes, open heart, open ear for the most beautiful encounters in foreign lands. Make up your own mind and don’t be too influenced by my opinion.

I myself also dislike being told how to travel where and what to be more or less ashamed of. Having your own experiences, that’s what counts. That’s why I try not to get particularly moralistic here on the blog or shame certain types of travel, locations, or events, even though sometimes my fingers get itchy. Because no one is free from mistakes and who am I to judge?

For example, I rode an elephant in Thailand a few years ago and almost cried with happiness. Today, I would rather howl out of anger and sadness at the poor husbandry conditions and am much more critical of attractions that involve animals. Times change, and so do opinions. (I had to change my enthusiastic blog article about elephant riding a bit as a result).

So if you take this blog with you on your travels, I would like to accompany you a bit. But not too hard, because you should make your own experiences and travel home with your own experiences in your luggage. The most beautiful trips simply need a basic framework and everything else runs by itself. For sure.

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Here on The Happy Jetlagger I write about beautiful destinations, share insider tips and tell stories from the road.

I am also part of the writing team of Travellers Insight, the online travel magazine of Munich Airport.

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