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10 Best Things to do in Wroclaw, Poland

Things to do in Wroclaw Christmas Market

I’ve been quite a few times to Wroclaw actually. Once, out of 17 nights at work in one month, I spent a whole 4 in Wroclaw. But I like the city and after that month, I discovered so many new things that I got a few more tips for Wroclaw. Poland is an popular destination for city trips, whether it’s Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk or Wroclaw. Here, I’ll show the most interesting sights in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw: The Best Things to do

Unfortunately, Poland in November is not particularly inviting weather-wise, it is often already freezing cold. Nevertheless you can have a great time in Wroclaw, even with colder temperatures. And you can enjoy the fact that the city is not quite as crowded with tourists as in summer! I’ll show you in these tips 10 sights that make Wroclaw beautiful in winter!

#1 Rynek Market Square

As in many Polish cities, the Rynek, the market square, is the center and heart of the old town. There are numerous pubs here and in the evening there is always something going on. Wroclaw has a big university with many students living here, so there are many cheap bars and pubs and a lively nightlife. There are also many good restaurants everywhere.

Things to do in Wroclaw Rynek Market

#2 The Krasnale

They are scattered all over the city: Little bronze dwarfs, just 30 centimeters tall, in amusing scenes or telling a funny story. They steal ice cream cones from ice cream parlors, take a siesta in front of restaurants with a full belly, or withdraw money from ATMs. And new, bolder ones keep popping up. There are now over 600 in the city!

Originally from the anti-communist movement, the dwarfs are now a landmark of the city. The Krasnale, as the Wroclawian dwarves are called in Polish, even have their own website, where you can also learn more about the interesting background story.

Website of the Krasnale of Wroclaw

#3 View from the St.Elizabeth Church

Situated almost on the Rynek, it is only a stone’s throw from the market square to St. Elizabeth’s Church. For just five zloty (about €1.25), you can get a fantastic view of the city from the tower of St. Elizabeth’s Church. However, the tower is open only from April to October.

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#4 Museum of Games and Computers

Probably younger generations won’t remember a lot of the exhibits here. Or it really feels like a museum with dusty, old things from a distant time.

But I’m a child of the eighties and I was immediately hooked at the sight of Gameboys, Super Mario &Co. in the Museum of Games and Computer in Wroclaw. Best of all, you can try out most consoles and games as you please and play as much as you like.

Museum of Games and Computers of a past era

#5 Kolejkowo

Around the corner from the Games Museum is Kolejkowo. Kolejkowo is a miniature world with railroads and shows an entertaining recreation of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Originally designed more for children, but we had fun there as well. The figures and landscapes are designed down to the smallest detail. And the amount of work people put in here is impressive!

#6 Vegan restaurants

The fact that you can eat well in Poland is no longer a secret. Only vegetarians and vegans sometimes have a hard time with the hearty Polish cuisine with lots of sausage and meat. However, in cities like Wroclaw with a lot of young people, the options for vegans have improved a lot. There are more and more good vegetarian or even vegan restaurants and the quality is really good. A vegan paradise is, for example, the Vega on two floors on the market square Rynek. (Tip: Sit upstairs, it’s more comfortable!).

Perhaps one reason why vegetarian dishes are so popular in Poland, despite many hearty meat dishes, are the bar mlecznys, or milk bars, from the socialist era. Milk bars were canteen-like eateries that served mainly home-cooked vegetarian meals for little money. Milk bars used to be on every corner instead of privately-owned restaurants, and now the milk bars of those days are experiencing a renaissance. So be on the lookout for milk bars!

On my Poland blog you can find many more tips for cool Polish cities!

#7 Hala Targowa

The Market Hall Hala Targowa is a nice place to visit even in winter. Here you can find all kinds of things: Flowers, fruits, vegetables, food and on the upper floor household goods and handicrafts at small prices. Architecturally worth seeing is the roof construction in shape of a ship. Of course, you can also eat well and cheap at Hala Targowa, and there’s even a milk bar here. Definitely worth a visit!

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#8 Food & Drinks

Not only Polish cuisine is delicious, there is plenty more to explore in Wroclaw. By chance we ended up at Chinkalnia with real Georgian cuisine. I have heard many good things about Georgia, including Georgian cuisine, and at Chinkalnia I was not disappointed. Not only did it taste really good, the really attentive service provided a complete introduction to Georgian food culture! This was the perfect preparation for my trip to Tbilisi I took later: Travel Guide Tbilisi

#9 Coffee culture

It’s cold outside, so what could be better than hopping from café to café? Not a problem in Wroclaw. A few of my favorites: Charlotte – Located in the middle of the student district of Wroclaw, in a courtyard that totally reminded me of the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin with the beautiful tiles. French-inspired, this place serves freshly baked bread and croissants all day long, which you can enjoy with homemade chocolate creams and jams. Yum! And perfect for a second breakfast. You’ll feel like in the middle of Paris!

Chocolate Lounge E.Wedel – E.Wedel is something like the Polish Lindt Chocolate: fine chocolate and pralinés. The Café am Rynek has everything a chocolate lover’s heart desires. Be sure to try the pralinés!

Giselle – Small cozy café with Parisian flair. Here you can sit for hours with pleasant background music. And the omelets are great!

An alternative guide to Wroclaw

I also always like to travel with a classic guidebook. In this one, Ewa and Mirko give unusual tips off the tourist beaten track. Both also write a blog worth reading with lots of tips about Wroclaw – check it out: WroclawGuide.com

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#10 Christmas Market

If you come to Wroclaw in December, you can experience the beautiful Christmas market on the Rynek, which has a great atmosphere. Somehow Christmas markets in Poland don’t seem quite so terribly commercialized to me yet.

There are still many small stalls with beautiful handicrafts or treats like the Hungarian Kürtőskalács, which is a kind of Baumkuchen, also called Baumstriezel. These are really tasty when served steaming hot off the spit!

Things to do in Wroclaw Christmas Market


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