What to do in Gdansk in winter

The Old Town of Gdansk is probably one of the most beautiful medieval-looking city centers in Poland – in addition, it has been extensively renovated in recent years. The narrow patrician houses lining the main street of the Old Town, Langgasse or Lange Gasse (Ulica Dluga), bear witness to the former glory of Gdansk. In winter, the Old Town of Gdansk is often deserted, in contrast to the summer, when crowds of tourists push their way through the streets. In addition, there is a Siberian cold – not for the faint-hearted. But: the atmosphere is unique. You just have to wear warm clothes and you’re good to go!

Tours in and around Gdansk

Winter in Gdansk – beautiful even in cold temperatures!

Everything is hibernating, there is a chill everywhere – a very special atmosphere is spreading. After all, Gdansk is almost on the Baltic Sea, in the very north of Poland; the cold wind whistles around your ears everywhere. Walking a bit out of the old town, the surroundings become even rougher, but also more interesting. From old warships in the harbor basin to gray tenement buildings – Gdansk has beautiful sides even in winter.

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Where to stay in Gdansk & how to get there

There are numerous flight connections to Gdansk. The airport is also close to the city center and well connected by public transport. Depending on where you are coming from in Germany, you can also travel by long-distance bus (although I personally find this too exhausting for such long distances) or by train. From Berlin, for example, there is a direct train connection to Gdansk, with which you need only 6 hours.

Timetable information & prices Deutsche Bahn to Gdansk*.

➜ Flights to Gdansk are available e.g. with Eurowings*, Lufthansa, Lot, Wizz Air, Ryanair.

The city center of Gdansk isn’t that huge, and most of the sights are in the Main City or on the nearby island Wyspa Spichrzów. There you will also find accommodations for every budget.

Find accommodations in Gdansk*

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