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Shopping in Bangkok: The Chatuchak Market

Aktualisiert am: 19/05/2023

Want the ultimate shopping experience during your stay in Bangkok? Then you have to go to Chatuchak market. Cheap clothes and souvenirs can be found on almost every corner in Bangkok, but the Chatuchak market is really worth seeing just because of its size.

Shopping at Chatuchak Market Bangkok

Here you can spend away the whole day, because the market is the world’s largest weekend market! Lose yourself in the narrow, crowded aisles of the covered market and indulge in the shopping frenzy.

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What can you buy at Chatuchak market?

You’ll find almost everything you can imagine at the Chatuchak Market! From clothes to household goods to live pets, the choice is endless! To give you an impression of how big the market is – here is the location map (you can also get a free folding map at the market’s information booth – and yes, it’s helpful!):

Map of Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Fortunately, the entire market is neatly divided by industry, so if you’re looking for specifics like vintage clothes, art, soaps or something, you’ll know right where to go. Of course, you can also eat here – there is one street food stand after another on the outer sides.

Street Food at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

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Street Food at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

There are also some bars, such as Viva 8, where you can enjoy a live DJ and show cooking.

Chatuchak Market Bangkok Viva8 Bar
Chatuchak Market Bangkok Viva8 Bar
Chatuchak Market Bangkok Viva8 Bar

Chatuchak market opening hours

The Chatuchak market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 6pmand is easy to reach by bus or metro.

Tip: Come early, because at lunchtime it can get really hot, especially inside the market in the narrow aisles. And as always: drink plenty of water!

Chatuchak market


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