Chatuchak Market in Bangkok: Shop 'til you drop!

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok: Shop ’til you drop!

Are you looking for the ultimate shopping experience in Bangkok? Then you have to visit Chatuchak Market! In Bangkok you will find bargains for clothes and souvenirs at almost every corner, but nothing beats the experience of spending a day at Chatuchak Market. Here you can spend a whole day (and your money) easily! The market is huge, no wonder it holds the title of the world’s biggest weekend market. The market is partly outdoors, partly indoors and you will find literally everything you want in here!

Chatuchak Markt, Bangkok

Chatuchak Markt, Bangkok

What to buy at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok?

There’s almost nothing you won’t find at Chatuchak: You will find a wide range of branches here. You can buy everything from clothes, household goods or even living animals! This is the map of Chatuchak Market to give you an impression of how big it is:

Map of Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

This map is also available on paper at the market information desk, and I definitely would recommend to get you one, when you visit the market. It helps you a lot to plan your visit and not to get lost!

The whole market is divided by branches, so if you are looking for something in particular like vintage clothes, art, handmade products you can go straight to a certain section without having to browse the whole market (which is nearly impossible!)

And you wouldn’t be in Bangkok if there weren’t streetfood vendors on the market!

Street Food at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Street Food atChatuchak Market, Bangkok


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You will also find legit bars like the Viva 8, where you can enjoy live DJ music and some show cooking events when you are tired from all the shopping on the market.

Viva 8, Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

The Chatuchak Market opens on weekends from 6am to 6pm and can be reached by subway or by bus.


Come early because it gets really crowded during the day and on hot days the temperatures in the small aisles in the market can get unbearable!

Website of the market with opening times:
Chatuchak Market

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