Ko Siboya in Thailand: This Island Is a True Hidden Gem!

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Looking for a pristine island in Thailand? Then you should definitely visit Ko Siboya ! The island is part of the Ko Siboya Tambon archipelago off Krabi, which also includes Ko Jum. In contrast to Koh Jum, Ko Siboya is almost completely undeveloped by tourists and perfect if you are looking for a few days of relaxation in absolute nature!

Looking for accommodation on Ko Siboya?
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SiBoya Bungalows*

For the fact that the beaches on Ko Siboya are not supposed to be that inviting, it is quite pretty there! :)

The authentic Thailand on Ko Siboya

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Already on the way to the only resort on the island, heads are stretching on the roadside at the simple snack stands, children are waving cheerfully, and somehow everyone is curious about who has just strayed onto the island. Very few people speak English here, so when visiting the village you have to rely on Google Translate or just try with your hands and feet. As a rule, the predominantly Muslim population does not live from tourism, but from work on the rubber plantations, which are spread over the entire island.

Ko Siboya island with beach in Thailand
Ko Siboya Bungalows
In the Siboya Bungalows you sleep in the middle of nature

Many families keep chickens, goats, cats and much more; most of the time all the animals run around freely and together with the wild animals like monkeys and iguanas you get the full program of nature here.

Tourism on Ko Siboya

Tourism plays almost no role on Ko Siboya. The SiBoya bungalows* are frequented by long-term travelers or Thailand veterans who discovered the island for themselves at some point and have mostly spent the winter here ever since. Some have even built their own bungalow on the resort grounds.

Ko Siboya Bungalows
Ko Siboya Bungalows

At first glance, this sounds a bit like a close-knit community, especially since there are not many external influences due to the isolated location. However, I have to say that the atmosphere was very positive and open. Even newcomers and first-time visitors like me are warmly welcomed not only by the resort owner Mr.Chung and his team, but also by the other guests, so that one quickly finds connection and immediately feels at home.

Woman between tall coconut palms on Ko Siboya in Thailand

What you can do on Ko Siboya

The beaches are probably the main reason why Ko Siboya has not yet been stormed by crowds of tourists. There are certainly islands with more beautiful beaches such as Koh Kradan or Koh Ngai. Due to the strong tides, swimming is only possible at high tide and you won’t find powder-sugar white beaches. There are also more interesting spots for snorkeling.

Ko Siboya beach at low tide
At low tide you can’t swim so well on Ko Siboya.
Ko Siboya beach at high tide
At high tide all the better for it!

But in the evening you will be rewarded with the most beautiful sunsets over the Andaman Sea.

Otherwise, there is not much to do on Ko Siboya except relax and enjoy the nature around. In the very small, but very well-kept, simple bungalows you live in the middle of the jungle, without having to do without worldly things like electricity or mobile phone network. On many small islands this is a problem, but not on Ko Siboya, which may make the island interesting for those who need a little internet in between.

However, you can also use the time here to lie down in one of the numerous hammocks and pick up the book you’ve always wanted to read.

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Food & Drink on Ko Siboya

For the physical well-being one has to fall back on the resort’s own restaurant relatively often due to the lack of alternatives. They offer the usual Western food tourist menus there (not great), but the Thai options are really, really good, and definitely worth the higher price. Here I sipped the best Khao Tom (rice soup) ever and with luck Mr. Chung also organizes specialties out of the line, like Hor Mok with Barracuda, a fish curry pie cooked in banana leaves.

Thai rice soup Khao Tom for breakfast with egg, fresh herbs and ginger

Not only to eat but also worth a trip with the scooter over the island. Officially, the resort does not rent bikes or scooters, but somehow you could always borrow the resort’s very good scooter for a small fee. The whole island can be circumnavigated in about 15 to 20 minutes; the roads are usually well paved.

Hor Mok, a fish curry patty wrapped in banana leaves.

On the roadside you will find here and there small, simple restaurants where you can eat for little money and still make contact with the absolutely warm locals. The curiosity and effort to show visitors a good time is omnipresent and truly heartwarming. If you are up early in the morning, you can have a delicious breakfast in the main village from six or seven o’clock.

Snack Bar Baan Tid Koh in Ko Siboya in Thailand

No wonder that many travelers just get stuck here or keep coming back – Ko Siboya is a real insider tip and simply a beautiful, relaxing place!

Travel to Ko Siboya from Krabi

To get to Ko Siboya, you first have to go to Krabi. In Krabi there are popular places like Ao Nang Beach or Railay Beach; furthermore you can easily get to famous islands like Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi from there. Krabi is only a good hour’s flight from Bangkok.

Cheap flights from Bangkok (BKK or DMK) to Krabi (KBV) can be found here*

From Krabi you can also visit several islands in a row: Here you can find my complete itinerary for island hopping from Krabi.

Beach on Ko Siboya in Thailand

Unlike other islands, getting from Krabi to Ko Siboya is a bit more complicated, but not completely impossible. Ko Siboya is simply not one of the islands and destinations that any of the numerous travel agencies in the area have on offer. To Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi, for example, you will find offers on every corner with pick-up at your accommodation and seamless transportation to your destination (as is so often the case in Thailand), so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Ko Siboya requires a little initiative.

By cab to Laem Kruat

The best boat connection to Ko Siboya departs from Laem Kruat Pier. This is located just outside of Krabi and the travel time from Krabi Town to there is about an hour. The easiest solution is to go there by cab. In Krabi there is also Grab, the Asian equivalent of Uber, but the likelihood of your ride being accepted is quite low due to the distance.

Book a cab from Krabi to Laem Kruat here*

By public transport to Laem Kruat

It is cheaper to get to Laem Kruat by public transport. To do this, take a songthaew (one of the Thai shared cabs) from Krabi Town to the bus station, which is just outside the town in the direction of the airport. From there there are buses or shared cabs to Laem Kruat Pier.

By boat to Ko Siboya

From Laem Kruat you simply take one of the boats to Ko Siboya. Just make sure to be at the pier by 4pm, after that there is no boat to Siboya. Not many tourists leave here, you’ll probably have a little trouble orienting yourself as to which boat is the right one. Just ask around, people are very helpful and you will end up on the right boat. The ride itself takes about 20 minutes and costs 70 baht.

Boat to Ko Siboya

Transportation on Ko Siboya

Since Ko Siboya is not very touristy, there is no armada of cabs waiting at the pier there, as you might know from other islands in Thailand. But you can contact the staff of SiBoya Bungalows* in advance and let them know when you are in Laem Kruat. Then someone will pick you up. I’ve experienced how well this works myself: I didn’t even let them know because I really did hop on the boat at the last minute, and yet miraculously someone was already at the pier to pick me up.

Onward journey from Ko Siboya

If you want to travel on from Ko Siboya to another island, you usually have to return to the mainland to Laem Kruat Pier and then take another boat, e.g. to Koh Jum. Alternatively, you can charter a longtail boat, which is worth it if you are traveling with several people. Or you can simply join a day trip and stay on site. You can organize this at the resort, just ask around and you might find like-minded people!

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