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City trip to Charlotte, North Carolina

In aviation, things always turn out differently than you think. Everything is in upheaval, everything is changing, our aviation world is upside down. And so now I’m flying around the world for a few months on the long haul – just like that. With all the trimmings that go with a new flight attendant job: the excitement before the first flight, the wobbly knees, the wondering eyes and a big bellyache from sheer nervousness. And I feel 21 again, like when it all began. Off to Charlotte, off to a little city break in North Carolina, on the east coast of the USA.

Charlotte: Where is that?

Actually, I was grateful that the first flight was to Charlotte. Because it’s not as spectacular as New York or Chicago. (Charlotte, by the way, is in North Carolina/USA and is home to the headquarters of Bank of America. Aha. Learned something again). I was already excited enough.

Charlotte, NC, by night

Unfortunately, small foothills of Hurricane Matthew raged through the city, and so the atmosphere was: special.

Victorian quarter in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

What else to do in and around Charlotte

Here are a few ideas for a trip to Charlotte, in case you have better luck with the weather than I did!

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