5 Things to do during a Hong Kong layover in 24 Hours

5 Things to do during a Hong Kong layover in 24 Hours

Is it possible to see a city like Hong Kong in 24 hours? I’d say you should give it try. As the airport of Hong Kong is a big hub in Asia, chances are good you can spend a layover here while travelling through Asia. In this article, I’ll give you some inspiration on what to do with little time in Hong Kong!

Hongkong harbour view hotel
View from my hotel room: Like a postcard!

I had a bit more than 24 hours between my flights, which is quite short for a crew layover on duty, but we had to delay our inbound flight due to one of those nasty typhoons, which was passing over Hong Kong. But nevertheless, I made the most out of it and enjoyed this vibrant megacity!

Layover Guide for Hong Kong

1. Temple Street Night Market

Situated in the centre of Kowloon, the market is very easy to reach by bus and train. A typical Asian night market, perfectly adapted to the needs of tourists. From charging cables for the latest iPhone to Chinese tea services and the usual souvenirs, there is everything a tourist’s heart desires. The prices seemed to be moderate, but haggling is still worthwhile.

Restaurant at night market in Temple Street, Hongkong

But what is really interesting are the restaurants around it, partly located in small dark alleyways and very simply arranged. Nothing for lovers of hygiene and probably also not for sensitive animal lovers, as the way sea animals are kept can be disturbing. In front of the restaurants there are basins with live animals, waiting for their preparation. The crabs are supposed to be delicious.

2. Trying an egg waffle

Don’t miss the typical Hong Kong snack! You have to try an egg waffles. They come in all kinds of variation and with several toppings if you want.

Egg waffles in Hongkong

3. By ferry through Victoria Harbour

Probably one of Hong Kong’s most affordable attractions. You can also take one of the beautiful junks with a tourist program, but to cross quickly through Victoria Harbour with one of the ferries is impressive. Specially at night, when the skyline is brightly illuminated. It costs a few cents only!

Ferry Wan Chai - Kowloon

4. Take a Hong Kong tram

The Trams in Hong Kong are unique! They are short, but they have two storeys! Most of them are super colourful and a total eye cather when they are rattling along the busy streets of Hong Kong.

5. Shopping & Chilling in Stanley

Stanley is located a little outside of downtown, but with the bus line 6, the trip there is very easy. Past the most beautiful beaches of Hong Kong like Repulse Bay, along the serpentines between the tropical mountains.

Repulse Bay, Hongkong

Stanley itself is a pretty little town, with cafes and restaurants on a beach promenade and a small mall. Perfect for a change from the noisy city. Stanley is especially known for its market – once an insider tip for bargain hunters, now more of a tourist market like everywhere else. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend a trip there.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Tin Hau Temple in Stanley. It’s one of the many temples in Hong Kong dedicated to Tin Hau, the patron saint of fishermen and sailors.

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