5 Tips for Hong Kong in 24 hours

See Hong Kong in two days: extremely sporty. See Hong Kong in a day and a half: actually impossible. But the typhoon did not mean well with us. A day and a half had to be enough. Far too little for a city like Hong Kong.

Hongkong harbour view hotel

Stopover in Hong Kong – my tips!

Already when looking out of the hotel window (mega! – and kindly with orientation help) it was clear: I will see only a fraction of the city. So big, so fascinating, so versatile, so tropical. I will be back, I am sure of it.

1st Temple Street Night Market – Food in Hong Kong

Located in the middle of Kowloon, the market is very easy to reach by bus and train. A typical Asian night market, perfectly adapted to the needs of tourists. From charging cables for the latest iPhone to Chinese tea services and the usual souvenirs, there is everything a tourist’s heart desires. The prices already seemed moderate, but haggling is still worthwhile.

Restaurant at night market in Temple Street, Hong Kong

But the really interesting thing are the restaurants around it, partly located in small dark alleys and very simply furnished. Not for cleanliness fanatics and probably not for sensitive animal lovers, because species-appropriate husbandry of marine animals looks different. In front of the restaurants are vats with live animals – waiting to be prepared. The crabs are supposed to be fantastic.

water basin with seafood in chinese restaurant

I’m not a fan of seafood, dead or alive. So the little animals were allowed to continue swimming in their tubs. But the rest was delicious. And the gruff Chinese service make the Hong Kong experience perfect.

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2. try Egg Waffles

For dessert – typical for Hong Kong – the photogenic Egg Waffles:

3. by ferry through Victoria Harbour

Probably one of the most affordable attractions in Hong Kong. You can also take one of the beautiful junks with a tourist program, but quickly crossing Victoria Harbour on one of the ferries is impressive. Especially at night, when the skyline is brightly lit. Costs only a few cents, and always goes.

4. ride Hong Kong streetcar

Hong Kong’s streetcars are probably unique: two stories, brightly painted and almost as short as a VW Golf.

5. shopping and chilling in Stanley

A bit out of the city center is Stanley, but with the bus line 6 even the trip there flies by. Passing the most beautiful beaches of Hong Kong such as Repulse Bay, along the serpentines between the tropical mountains.

repulse bay hong kong

Stanley itself is a pretty little town, with cafes and restaurants on a boardwalk and a small mall. Perfect to get away from the noisy city. Stanley is also known for its market – once an insider’s tip for bargain hunters, now more of a tourist market like everywhere else. Anyway, it’s still beautiful.

You can also take in the Tin Hau Temple in Stanley directly – one of many temples in Hong Kong dedicated to Tin Hau, the patron saint of fishermen and sailors. Beautiful to look at.


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