Zagreb in a day: What to do in one day in Zagreb

I’m off to Zagreb! Are looking for tips on what to do in one day? People always assume I have a lot of free time when travelling on duty. But no. Unfortunately, the long days of layovers on short-haul routes are probably over. Our stays are getting shorter, and workdays longer. But that doesn’t matter; because if I have to choose between sleeping, eating or sightseeing, I take the sightseeing tour in spite of everything. Sometimes I only have a few hours, but with new destinations the incentive is even greater to get to know perhaps not the entire city, but at least a touch of it within this short time and to take in a few sights. That actually works out quite well. So good that I am sometimes overwhelmed when I do have more time in one place!

Zagreb TIpps Pop up Beach Bar in the Park

The Cathedral in Zagreb

I’m heading up to the cathedral. The cathedral is one of the most impressive sight in Zagreb and it’s located in the middle of a hill in the old town. Not to be missed – who would have thought that Zagreb has such a huge cathedral?

Zagreb tips cathedral
Zagreb tips cathedral

The Dolac Market

Nearby, you’ll find a big farmers’ market. And it’s really an experience. If you are looking for an authentic experience, definitely head for the Dolac Market. I bought sacks of fruit and vegetables there, at prices that are almost outrageously cheap and as fresh as if the sun-ripened cherries had just been picked from the tree. A lot of the produce seems to come from the farmers themselves and everything really tastes like summer!

Zagreb tips farmers market Dolac market
Zagreb Tips Dolac Market

Where to eat in Zagreb

From the market square, Zagreb’s bar and restaurant mile is not far away, besides the usual places with a rustic Balkan ambience, there are also plenty of new cafes and bars – Zagreb is young, open-minded and just waiting to be discovered.

Cookie Factory Zagreb
Homemade ice cream at Cookie Factory

Art in Zagreb

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb always hosts great exhibitions of contemporary art. A good option for bad weather days! And if you are in the mood for something extraordinary, you should visit the Museum of Broken Relationships, an exhibition of remnants of past loves from all over the world.

Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia

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