Art Pavilion Zagreb

Speed Sightseeing in Zagreb

Heading to Zagreb this time. Unfortunately, the days of endless layovers at European cities are long gone. Our stays get shorter and the working days longer. But I still try to get to know the cities I sleep in – and if I have to decide between eating, sleeping or sightseeing, I still choose the latter. Sometimes there are only a few hours for a quick sightseeing tour. No way to get to know the whole cities in that short amount of time, although I always to catch a glimpse of the city, how the vibes feel, how the people are. With time, I really developed a talent in speed sightseeing!

Pop-up beach bar in the city

To me, Zagreb feels like traveling back in time to my childhood. The very first real vacation I remember was a road trip to former Yugoslavia. At that time, taking the plane wasn’t even an option. So we started this long road trip and it was what people now like to call slow travel: We stopped in Austria, in Italy, and anywhere we needed to until we finally got the beaches of Croatia where I developed a long-life addiction to french fries and Raznijci (pork fillet skewers straight from the charcoal grill). We stayed there for a whole summer, and my love for Croatia was set.

My half day tour in Zagreb

The cathedral of Zagreb

Who would have known that Zagreb has such a huge cathedral? You won’t miss it – it’s located almost in the middle of the Old Town on top of a hill!

Dolac Market – the local Farmer’s Market

Almost right next to the cathedral, you’ll find the Farmer’s Market of Zagreb. Truly a sight! Very authentic, very local – you won’t get fresher fruits and veggies anywhere else. A lot of the stands are owned by the farmer’s themselves and the fruits taste like as a if they were picked straight from the tree and brought to the market. And everything tastes like mediterranean summer.


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The restaurant scene in Zagreb

From the farmers’ market you easily get to the Old Town with its numerous restaurants and bars. Although you still find a lot of traditional restaurants with typical Croatian food, there also more and more cafés and restaurants with a different and modern approach to local food. Zagreb is a city in transition: lots of young and open-minded people come to the city and it gets more and more international.

cookie factory in zagreb croatia
Handmade Ice Cream and fresh juices at the Cookie Factory in Zagreb

Art in Zagreb

If you aren’t lucky weather-wise when you visit Zagreb, don’t panic. The city has a lot of cultural spaces like the Art Pavilion, which is often hosting interesting exhibitions on contemporary art. And Zagreb is also home to the very special Museum Of Broken Relationships!

Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia

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  1. Die Kathedrale sieht wirklich spannend aus – ich liebe es ja, Kirchen zu besichtigen. Danke für den tollen Artikel und die schönen Fotos!


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