Kolumne: In Berlin ist nicht nur Weltfrauentag, sondern auch offizieller Feiertag! Ein paar Gedanken.


Diesen Text habe heute in gekürzter Fassung auf Instagram veröffentlicht, wo ich ja nur auf Englisch poste. Ich war am Ende aber ganz glücklich damit, und somit wollte ich den Text auch gerne hier auf dem Blog verewigen. Trotz Englisch. Egal – Ihr schafft das schon!

Did you know that from this year on, Women’s Day is an official bank holiday in the city of Berlin? How progressive are we, huh?

I took this picture above in 2006, during a unforgettable trip with my fantastic mum in Iceland. We had an amazing week, and I feel blessed until today, that we’ve been able to see this beautiful country in pre-Instagram times. At that time, holidays in Iceland were ridiculously expensive and more of a secret spot for outdoor fans. And it was a time when I discovered my passion for photography and the trip to Iceland definitely helped me to see the world through different eyes. The stunning, wild nature made such an impact on me that I’ll never forget. After visiting Iceland, I got more and more into photography. To keep the memories I gathered during my travels alive – and it has been my favourite hobby ever since. This picture of Icelandic horses symbolises everything to me: the good memories, my big passion and a lot of thankfulness. Although it’s far from being perfect: The sky is too overexposed, I cut off the horses‘ legs and in general, I wouldn’t take it the same way now. I framed the photo anyway and since then, it hung in every place I’ve ever lived in. To remind me to always follow my passion.

Kolumne: In Berlin ist nicht nur Weltfrauentag, sondern auch offizieller Feiertag! Ein paar Gedanken.

Then I had a romantic encounter years ago, a (rather untalented) amateur photographer himself. He loved to take uninspired pictures of single flowers – do you these guys? I mean, wtf, what’s up with only taking pictures of flowers??
Well, it didn’t matter to me then. I was too much into him and I liked everything about him, even his stupid flowers. When he came into my apartment the first time, he immediately noticed all the photos hanging on the walls – I added a few more of my favourite photos to that first one from Iceland.
– „Who took all these photos?“ he asked.
– „Me.“
He started laughing hard. „No, SERIOUSLY, which photographer took those??“
I tried to convince him they were all mine, but he didn’t believe me. He started interrogating me about what aperture I used, which shutter speed, which lens, all those technical stuff just to prove I’m lying.
He didn’t believe me.
In the end, I heard myself saying: „You’re right, I just bought all of them as prints at IKEA.“
He smiled, knowing he and his flowers would have nothing to fear.

Long story short, the love didn’t last long. I should’ve known better. He wasn’t into me at all, and I held on to something that wasn’t there from the beginning. Until now, I regret that I didn’t stand up for myself that day and the fact that I made myself tiny just to please a man. The photo remained on the wall, but from this day on, it always reminded of this unfortunate incident.

Today, I took it off.

Happy Women’s Day.

Kolumne: In Berlin ist nicht nur Weltfrauentag, sondern auch offizieller Feiertag! Ein paar Gedanken.


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