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Wroclaw – a quick city guide

Traveling for work can be different than just for fun. Sometimes you get to places you never would have gone on your own. That’s when traveling really becomes an exciting experience, as you are forced to get in touch with another culture whether you want it or not.

Poland – ten years ago and now

About more than ten years ago, I went to a few cities in Poland for the first time – and I have to admit, I wasn’t excited about it. At my first visits to Warsaw and Krakow I really got depressed. Everything around me seemed to be grey, the streets, the buildings, the people. It was like the color-deprived air of the communist era was still around.

Wall in Poland

Street in Wroclaw

Apartment building in Wroclaw

But things changed, and in the past years Poland became a young, modern and uprising country in my eyes. New airports were built, buildings were renovated, old towns were restored. And most impressive of all was how people changed – a whole new generation of Polish young people grew up ready to leave some unfortunate incidents in the past behind and to look positively into the future.

Street car in Wroclaw

Wroclaw – where old meets young

Last month I visited Wroclaw, one of the many Polish cities with an amazingly restored Old Town. The heart of the city is the old market square called Rynek. It’s huge and also one of the largest in Europe. Every building is painted in a different color – it’s just beautiful!

Rynek, Wroclaw

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Take some time and wander around the square – it’s so big that there are buildings in the middle of it like the Old Town Hall. In the small streets in between those buildings you will also find some restaurants and art galleries.

Rynek, Wroclaw

Wroclaw is also known for its university, so there are a lot of younger people around, giving the city a very special edge.

Street Art in Wroclaw

I didn’t know where to start when I took a look at my map I got at the hotel – and surprisingly, some places with street art were marked on it. So I decided to go for it, and indeed, I found the most amazing street art works off the beaten tourist path.

Street Art in Wroclaw, Poland

Street Art in Wroclaw, Poland

Street Art in Wroclaw, Poland

Where to eat

Poland in general became one of my favourite places for food in the past years. Even in touristy areas you always manage to get a fresh and nice meal at very affordable prices.

One of my latest discoveries in Wroclaw was Frankies – a juice and salad bar. Everything is fresh, tasty and healthy – all I need during working days.

Frankies, Wroclaw

Salad at Frankies, Wroclaw

Or Machina Organika, with also very delicious and healthy food. It’s a little bit outside the Old Town, but only a 10 minutes walk away from Rynek.

Macchina Organika, Wroclaw

I might come back to Wroclaw, so if you want to share any advice – feel free to leave a comment!

What’s your favourite spot in Wroclaw?

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