Vilnius Food Guide: These 7 locations are not to be missed!

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Vilnius is not only an interesting city with an extraordinary history, but also an absolute insider tip for foodies. In this article I’ll show you a few of my favorites among the numerous cafes, restaurants and bars in the Lithuanian capital, but a trigger warning in advance: your mouth will water!

Vegan food in Vilnius: Rosehip Vegan

Located across from the MO Museum, Rosehip Vegan is already in a pretty cool neighborhood anyway. For me, the perfect address for after-art lunch when you couldn’t get enough of the great exhibitions! Rosehip Vegan, as the name suggests, serves delicious vegan cuisine that is also quite photogenic. The only drawback is the huge portions, which keep you from trying the entire menu at once.

Tip: For coffee, I recommend you move to the Raštinė located on the opposite street corner.

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Rosehip Vegan in Vilnius
Fresh and delicious: The vegan restaurant in Vilnius.

Vilnius is an exciting destination:
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The cute tea house: Pinavija

The icy wind whipped through the streets, I was cold, my feet hurt from all the sightseeing (because who would have thought that there really is so much to see in Vilnius!) and actually I just wanted to take a quick break when I stumbled into Pinavija.

But I could have guessed right away that there was another highlight waiting for me, because honestly: In Vilnius, one great location follows the next. Pinavija is a tea house, girl’s dream and cupcake heaven at the same time. In any case, I can highly recommend the mini quiche, but afterwards I was annoyed that I didn’t go for the sweet tartlets with the artfully swirled meringue topping – maybe you can make up for it for me?

Pinavija Tea House in Vilnius
Pinavija Tea House in Vilnius
Cupcakes at the tea house Pinavija.

Breakfast in Vilnius: My Favorite

I would love to come up with a very special breakfast location at this point, but the truth is: I didn’t even make it out of my hotel for breakfast. But it’s no wonder, because the breakfast at Hotel Pacai* is really one of the kind of hotel breakfasts that impress.

Hotel Pacai in Vilnius
Hotel Pacai in Vilnius
Cozy & elegant: Hotel Pacai in Vilnius.

On the one hand, there is the really attentive and cordial service and the casual atmosphere despite the five stars promising luxury emblazoned at the entrance, on the other hand, the offer of a small, fine buffet and various à la carte dishes. When it comes to buffets, I’m now part of the “less is more” team: rather a few, but good products, and I’m in breakfast heaven. In general, I didn’t want to leave Hotel Pacai again, and I can highly recommend it to you if you want to treat yourself.

Check rates & availability at Hotel Pacai*

Breakfast at Hotel Pacai in Vilnius

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Coffee time at Italala Caffè

Something sweet for in between, good coffee or just a place where you can answer some mails on your laptop in a nice atmosphere? In the cozy Italala Caffè you will find everything at once.

Italala Caffé in Vilnius

Sugamour: Sweets for night owls

You might want to save your sweet tooth for a while, though, because just a few doors down you’ll find one of six Sugamour stores. Is already the facade pompously decorated – inside it continues with the finest petit fours and tartlets! The interior design with thousands and thousands of teddy bears takes some getting used to, but somehow it’s also pretty cute. And perfect for night birds: the annex on Vokiečių gatvės is open every day until 11 pm, Friday and Saturday even until midnight!

Sugamour in Vilnius
Sweet delicacies late into the evening: Sugamour in Vilnius.

Alchemikas: Booze & Co.

At Alchemikas I got lost with a few nice acquaintances – although it almost didn’t happen. The extensive menu of this classic cocktail bar for cozy evenings literally fills an entire book and the decision between all the delicious sounding cocktails was difficult for me. The good thing: Somehow everything sounded very, very good and I was more than satisfied with my choice in the end!

Alchemikas cocktail bar in Vilnius

Amandus: Fine dining in Vilnius

In itself, it’s unusual that a Michelin-starred restaurant like Amandus is located in the middle of the alternative artists’ district of Uzurpis – but after an evening there, you won’t be able to stop marveling anyway. At the latest when chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas flambéed my already very appetizing looking duck breast to ultimate perfection in front of me at the table, I was convinced: An evening at Amandus is my recommendation for really everyone who has just a little bit of a thing for good food. And yes, it really is affordable!

Amandus Restaurant in Vilnius

The tasting dinner costs 70 euros, which is really nothing compared to what you would pay for a meal of this quality in many other European capitals – and for a surcharge, there is an extensive wine accompaniment. But if you have a few prejudices about star cuisine regarding the amount on the plate and all the fuss, I can reassure you: First, I was more than full after the umpteen courses and taste explosions and second, the atmosphere at Amandus is pleasantly unpretentious!

When: Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 7 pm, by reservation only here

Amandus Restaurant in Vilnius
Amandus Restaurant in Vilnius
Amandus Restaurant in Vilnius

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