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Valldemossa: What to do in Mallorca’s lovely mountain village!

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Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful places on Mallorca. The small streets with the tiny alleys and colorfully decorated doors are a popular photo location on the island. They are a must-see on a trip to the Serra Tramuntana with its pretty little villages. In this article I’ll reveal what other sights you definitely shouldn’t miss in Valldemossa!

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Valldemossa Mallorca Carrer Chopin
Even a street is named after Valldemossa’s most famous resident.

Charterhouse of Valldemossa

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The Charterhouse of Valldemossa is the heart of the town. Located behind the Charterhouse is a small, very well-kept garden, which is very inviting, especially in summer. The Charterhouse in Valldemossa was built and used at the beginning of the 14th century as summer residence of the King of Mallorca. The Charterhouse can also be visited from the inside with admission.

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Chopin & Valldemossa

Even the famous composer Frédéric Chopin has lived here once, in the winter of 1838, together with his lover George Sand. Due to his progressive tuberculosis, Chopin had to leave Mallorca and Valldemossa after spending only a single winter here. The Charterhouse of Valldemossa or in Spanish Cartuja, and the entire monastery complex, in which Chopin lived, are very well preserved and worth a visit!

Valldemossa things to do Mallorca Charterhouse
Can be seen from afar: The extravagant tower of the Cartuja of Valldemossa in Mallorca.

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The beautiful alleys of Mallorca

Many will know Valldemossa from pictures of Mallorca without knowing: After all, here is where you can take amazing shots of thesmall picturesque alleys, which are often well decorated in summer, in part because of the many festivities taking place in the village.

Valldemossa doors flowers Mallorca
Typical of Valldemossa: the rough stone facades of the houses are decorated with many small flower pots.
Valldemossa Mallorca

Throughout the village you will find the typical Mallorcan architecture with heavy stones and rustic wooden doors. The facades of the houses are often covered with Mediterranean terracotta pots around the doors.

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Valldemossa attractions Mallorca flower pots houses
Many residents of Valldemossa take great efforts with the decoration of their houses.

The many little artists’ studios, which can be found all over the village, are also wonderful photo ops and very instagrammable.

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The best cocas de patata in Mallorca

A must try in Valldemossa is a Coca de Patata, a sweet, fluffy yeast roll made from potato flour, which is dusted with lots of powdered sugar after baking. If you’re lucky, you can still get slightly warm cocas fresh from the oven at any of the bakeries. A delicious snack to go with your coffee, popular all over the island, but the real deal is the one that comes from Valldemossa. A coca tastes best together with a cool horchata, sort of cold almond milk smoothie. Don’t miss it!

Valldemossa Specialities Cocas de Patata Mallorca
In Valldemossa is where you eat cocas de patata! They won’t taste better anywhere else on the island than here.

Best location with original Mallorcan atmosphere, a classic: Pasteleria Ca’n Molinas. When the weather is good, take a seat under the lemon and orange trees in the courtyard!

Eating and drinking in Valldemossa

Besides the bakeries on the main street that serve fresh cocas, I can recommend the following locations in Valldemossa:

Cappuccino – a classic location in Mallorca and not be missed in Valldemossa! See and be seen overlooking the Charterhouse!Gelato Mossa – ice cream parlor right next to the Charterhouse. The ice cream is more expensive here, but it’s worth it! Aromas – a little more hidden and away from the hustle and bustle, but good cuisine and an atmospheric courtyard!

Valldemossa Restauraunt recommendation Aromas
At Aromas in Valldemossa, the atmosphere is extremely cozy.

Tips for visiting Valldemossa

How to get there by car

Valldemossa is great to visit during a day trip with a rental car along the Tramuntana Mountains. Caution: The serpentines in Mallorca are quite curvy, which is nothing for timid or anxious drivers! Especially when it gets more crowded on the roads in summer. But the views are so beautiful – I can never get enough of it, although I’ve been driving the route so many times.

Valldemossa Attractions Mallorca

Getting there with a tour

If you don’t dare to drive around with a rental car, you can join a guided tour. With a tour, you’ll arrive more relaxed, especially if you do not like to drive demanding routes in foreign regions.

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Getting there by public transport

An alternative is using public transportation: The bus line 203 connects Palma with Valldemossa and Port de Soller. However, the bus doesn’t run that often (usually only every 60-90 minutes), so you should plan well in advance.

Timetables, prices & info for line 203: Port de Soller – Valldemossa – Palma

Parking in Valldemossa

Finding a parking space in Valldemossa is not easy, especially in summer. It’s best to leave the car in one of the public parking lots along the main street. To get to the old town, all you have to do is cross the street. In peak season and on weekends it can get really crowded, so save yourself the trouble and look for one of the paid parking lots right away! Valldemossa is extremely popular!

Valldemossa Mallorca
Valldemossa Mallorca old town alleys flowers


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