Utopia Luang Prabang: a place to chill

Utopia Luang Prabang: a place to chill

Utopia Luang Prabang

As I already told you before, Luang Prabang has this special vibe – people are so friendly and laid back and everything seems to be in another, slower time zone.

But there’s this one special place which fully captures this whole Luang Prabang vibe: Utopia. You may hear about it, when you get to Luang Prabang and every travel guide mentions it, but you definitely HAVE to go there.

The perfect chill-out spot

I got there, like usually, by coincidence, and I had such a great time there I barely couldn’t leave. Utopia is like one of those hippie places without being too much hippie or too stylish, it just fits. You can sit down, have a drink (or two, or three…), have a bite to eat or just lay down on one of those numerous pillows scattered around the place. Or play some beach volleyball. Or climb some trees. It’s like a giant playground.

And the view… Well, I guess the photo speaks for itself.

Utopia is open all day long until night, getting there is a bit tricky, as the signs at the main road are well hidden, but when you’re already in Luang Prabang, do it the old school way, put your maps and smartphones aside and ask some of the friendly locals! Sabaidee!

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