Torrent de Pareis, Mallorca

Sa Calobra & Torrent de Pareis: A spectacular day trip in Mallorca

Every guide book says: It is essential to arrive in Sa Calobra before 10 am, so that you don’t find yourself in the middle of the big avalanche of coaches. Be sure to leave before 3 pm, otherwise you will have the same experience again. Sa Calobra and the famous gorge Torrent de Pareis are well visited. Even more so in high season, when Mallorca is completely packed with tourists. Nevertheless, the Torrent de Pareis is always worth a trip during a Mallorca road trip! If you don’t want to drive, save yourself the journey through the Tramuntana and start with a boat trip from Port de Sóller to the bay of Sa Calobra.

Restaurant with sea view in Sa Calobra, Mallorca
There are a handful of restaurants in Sa Calobra, but they are rather expensive and tend to be tourist traps. But the view is awesome!

Sa Calobra: A perfect day tour for a Mallorca road trip

Sa Calobra is a very unusual part of the island. There’s a beach, sure, but the pebbles don’t make sunbathing very comfortable. But behind it, there’s the spur of the Torrent de Pareis, an actually breathtaking gorge – if you have a guide who knows the area. And is a really experienced hiker with the appropriate equipment. Otherwise, you’ll only get a few metres in, but still – it’s worth a visit.

Tree on mountain in Sa Calobra, Mallorca

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Rusty sign of Torrent de Pareis in Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Torrent de Pareis: Hiking tours and open air concerts

The Torrent de Pareis is the main attraction in Sa Calobra. It is a riverbed that is completely dried up in summer and has been making its way through the mountains of the Tramuntana for thousands of years. Concerts often take place on the extensive area in summer, with shuttle service to Palma. The sound is supposed to be spectacular!

Without a concert the Torrent de Pareis is rather inconspicuous. If you arrived without hiking equipment and local guides, the more exciting part of the canyon (where it gets narrow and steep and bumpy) is impassable.

Tip: If you want to explore the Torrent de Pareis, don’t do it without a guide, otherwise it’s too dangerous! Join a group!

Torrent de Pareis, Mallorca
Open-air events are held frequently in the Torrent de Pareis.

Driving to Torrent de Pareis is spectacular! The roads are winding up and down the Tramuntana mountains and the views are truly breathtaking!

Road in Tramuntana mountains to Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Many serpentines and the tie knot of Mallorca

Coming by car from Inca, you drive through various mountain villages, up, down, up, down, and winding through dense forest. Until your foot cramps on the clutch, from the constant shifting up and down. Until you get dizzy from the many curves and you long for at least twenty meters of dead straight asphalt.

Road in Tramuntana mountains to Sa Calobra, Mallorca
The view during the drive to Sa Calobra: The Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca.
Curvy road down to Sa Calobra, Mallorca
Rough and adventurous: the northeast coast of Mallorca.
Curvy road down to Sa Calobra, Mallorca
Only for safe drivers: The serpentines down to Torrent de Pareis are quite something!

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Sa Calobra: The most curvy route in Mallorca

The serpentine road to Sa Calobra is not fun for every driver. But it’s an adventure for sure! And once you have arrived in Sa Calobra, the Torrent de Pareis looks a lot more spectacular. Suddenly the huge gorge makes you feel so tiny!

Beach at Torrent de Pareis in Sa Calobra, Mallorca
The giant rocks on the right and left make the beach of Sa Calobra so unique

The winding road mentioned above is really the only way to get to Sa Calobra by land. But if you’re not that adventurous, you can take a boat from Soller. The round trip costs about 30 euros. But you’ll miss out on the very best!

Without car to Sa Calobra

By bus

If you don’t dare to go down to Sa Calobra by car, then join a bus tour! There are some operators that include Sa Calobra as part of really nice day trips, and you get to see many other beautiful corners of the island in just one day.

This tour, for example, includes a ride on the legendary historic wooden train from Palma to Sóller! This ticket alone would usually cost 18 euros, so the price of the tour is well worth it!

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By boat

There are also some organized boat tours that depart from surrounding ports to the bay of Sa Calobra. During a short stop there, you will have the opportunity to see the Torrent de Pareis as well.

Timetable & prices to Sa Calobra from Port de Sóller

Sa Calobra bay with Torrent de Pareis boat
Boat to Port de Sóller
Sail boats in Sa Calobra, Mallorca

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