Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

See the sunset over Manhattan from the Top of the Rock viewing terrace is an unforgettable New York experience. Watch the sparkling lights of the skyline of Manhattan! This article is full of tips for your perfect New York sunset!

It had to be a New York sunset. During the past years, my travel habits have changed constantly with my increasing passion for photography. Always searching for the perfect light, I find myself out there at the most unusual times of the day. Like, for example, when I left the hotel at half past five in the dark to experience the perfect sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Sunrises, but also sunsets are always great for spectacular photos anyway, whether it is in New York or at home in Berlin. Sometimes they are hard to capture in pictures but still, those are always the most memorable travel experiences.

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

Especially with a scene that is so fascinating and at the same time surreal like the view over Manhattan. I have seen this skyline thousands of times, in series, on posters, in movies, on Instagram. Every kid knows the skyline of Manhattan and you know immediately without any thinking: This is New York. No doubt.

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

And even if it’s just an agglomeration of huge skyscrapers in an even bigger city, full of people and full of traffic: The sunset over New York on the Top of the Rock is one of the most magical moments in my entire travel career.

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

Infos & Tickets for the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center

The Top of the Rock is the viewing terrace of the Rockefeller Center. Situated on Fifth Avenue you can’t miss the statue of Prometheus at the main entrance, literally carrying heavy on the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The entrance to Top of the Rock is hidden in a side street (50th Street) between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The tickets have a time stamp, i.e. you can only go up at a pre-determined time. In January there weren’t that many people and as I just happened to pass by, I bought a ticket straight away and didn’t have to wait long. In more popular months (in New York, this almost every month except January and February) a purchase in advance comes in handy! You can purchase them here:

Website of the Top of the Rock

If you want more flexibility, which is always better when traveling, you can get flexible tickets at Get Your Guide! They can be exchanged for a time ticket on site. If you want to experience the sunset the same way I did, the Get Your Guide ticket is even cheaper!

-> BOOK your flexible ticket with Get Your Guide HERE (it’s even cheaper for sunset!*

Get Your Guide has only one single price, BUT the Top of the Rock itself charges an EXTRA sunset fee of 10 US dollars for late afternoon visits!!

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

How much time do you need for a visit to the Top of the Rock?

The tickets are assigned to a specific time, but anyway, it may take a while until you finally arrive at the top. I was down at the counter about an hour before sunset and it was just perfect. It’s best to plan enough time if you want to catch the sunset from the beginning (it’s definitely worth it!). Once you’re up, you can stay as long as you want.

Convenient for me, even if I only wanted to take a quick photo – but in the end it took me about four hours to leave. The view was so breathtaking, I just couldn’t go away. To see the lights of Manhattan sparkle in the dark after the perfect sunset was just too beautiful. Don’t miss this view if you visit New York!

Top of the Rock in New York City: Best Sunset over Manhattan

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