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Shibuya, Tokyo: The famous Shibuya intersection in Japan

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The Shibuya district of Tokyo is home to one of the most fascinating intersections in the world. As if everything else in Tokyo wasn’t fascinating enough. There are flashes and lights everywhere, the Japanese are equally crazy about crazy things and then again try not to stand out in the crowd. But everyone probably thinks of this large intersection in Shibuya, which millions of people cross every day.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo Japan Crossing
Everyone wants a photo: the Shibuya intersection is simply fascinating.

Shibuya intersection: probably the craziest intersection in the world

Tokyo doesn’t really have a city center. Nevertheless, the famous intersection in front of Shibuya Station feels like the epicenter of Tokyo. Many other tourists think the same and climb on flower boxes for a better photo perspective or try to get one of the window seats in the Starbucks on the second floor of a corner building, from where you have the perfect overhead view of the most blatant intersection in Tokyo, if not the world. (By the way: if you’re short on time, don’t even try the window seat at Starbucks).

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shibuya crossing tokyo japan
Crowds of people wait every day at the famous Shibuya intersection.

Up to 15,000 people cross this intersection in Tokyo every traffic light phase

It all sounds ridiculous, but I also walked back and forth across the intersection a few times. Because Japanese people are simply fascinating. As if choreographed, everyone sets off at the green light, quickly but not frantically. Even diagonally, because the intersection is a so-called all-way intersection with diagonal crossings. Despite the crowds, there is no shoving, no jostling, no annoyance. Everything flows. None of the drivers honk or tailgate. And on red? The entire street is suddenly clear of pedestrians again, and cars whizz gently across the intersection. The Japanese are simply elegant.

Man in the middle of an intersection in Shibuya Tokyo
Standing still for a photo while life rages at the intersection in Shibuya.

Where is the famous intersection in Tokyo?

You will find the intersection between the west side of Shibuya Station and the end of the equally exciting shopping street Center-Gai. This shopping street is also one of the most popular in Tokyo!

People crossing Japan Shibuya
No crowds despite the large number of people: Japanese people remain polite and considerate, even at what is probably the world’s largest intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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Hachiko – the most famous dog in Japan

Shibuya station is just as gigantic, hundreds of train tracks on several levels, a veritable labyrinth. You should take a look at it. Like the dog Hachiko, a bronze statue that watches over the station forecourt. In the 1930s, Hachiko used to pick up his master from the train station until he died. However, Hachiko continued to come to the station every day for over ten years. True love for dogs.

My tips for Shibuya

Shopping in Shibuya

The most ingenious products come from Japan in all areas – as a big paper fan, for example, I stocked up on around twenty kilos of stationery. You won’t find such beautiful, high-quality paper anywhere else. And I’ve developed a real soft spot for 100-yen stores (100 yen is about 85 cents) in Tokyo, which stock pretty much everything you don’t need – but for 100 yen, and then from Japan, then again, absolutely. I could probably have spent days in Tokyo’s temples of consumption if it hadn’t been for my usual mission: to see Tokyo. In 24 hours.

Tokyu Hands – a huge department store, more for furnishings and handicrafts, but worth a visit for its size and huge range alone!
Daiso – one of those bric-a-brac stores where you can always find something. There are also branches in many other parts of Tokyo. The largest branch is in Harajuku.
Can Do – also a bric-a-brac chain with many Japanese products at a low price. Here too, quality is often better than you think!

cheerful young Japanese women shopping in Shibuya Tokyo

Nightlife in Shibuya

A day in Tokyo can be very exhausting! All the impressions, the many people, the many colors – but Tokyo is just as worth seeing at night. If you don’t have the capacity to take care of the evening program on your own, you can join an organized bar-hopping tour through Shibuya:

Bar hopping through Shibuya*

Other sights in Shibuya:
Nearby (15-20 minutes on foot or one stop further to Harajuku Station) is Yoyogi Park with the Meiji Shrine!
More about the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

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