Asia, China

Shanghai, Baby! – First time in China

It’s Shanghai, Baby! Whooo-hooo! So skandalös wie der gleichnamige Roman* war mein allererster China-Besuch überhaupt zwar nicht. Aber es gab eine Sache, auf die mich kein interkulturelles Kommunikationsseminar vorbereiten konnte. Denn live und in Farbe ist es eben gewöhnungsbedürftig, wenn einem ein…

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Europe, Mallorca

Majorca: Market day in Esporles

For over 15 years, Mallorca is sort of my second homebase. Whenever I have some time, I’m visiting and over the years, I got to know the island very well. So I’ll be sharing some island stories and secret spots for your next stay on Mallorca from time to time here on the blog.

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Asia, Vietnam

Hoi An – A vietnamese paradise

Is it okay to fall in love with a tourist trap like Hoi An?

That’s the question I was asking myself all the time when I headed to Hoi An. After traveling through the North of Vietnam, enjoying a cruise through Halong Bay, staying a few days in busy Hanoi and the calmer Hue, Hoi An gave me a totally different experience. 

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Asia, Thailand

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai for Thai Food Lovers

Before I first came there, I’d never had the idea to do a cooking class in Thailand. Too expensive, I thought, and probably only interesting for ambitious chefs. But when I got there I realized: You can book a cooking course almost everywhere in Thailand and it’s kind of a Must-Do for any visitor. They are not that expensive and considering that you get to eat what you’re cooking during the day it’s a real bargain. And fun is guaranteed! See where to attend a cooking class in Chiang Mai!

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