An authentic Thai Street Food Market in Phuket Old Town!

An authentic Thai Street Food Market in Phuket Old Town!

So I stranded in Phuket Old town last October at the wonderful The Memory at On On Hotel. After a long day of travelling and endless discussions with cab drivers over way too overpriced fares I wasn’t in the mood for anything at all. But, as usual, when I’m having a hard time on the road, the next surprise is just around the corner.

That’s one of the things I love about traveling:
You never know what happens next.

And there I was – discovering a lovely place I would have never been to if everything happened as planned. Because Phuket Old Town is totally different from everything you’ve probably heard before about Phuket.

Phuket Old Town – sino-portuguese colonial architecture all over

Phuket Old Town-13

Phuket Old Town-14

In the whole city center of Phuket Old Town you will find traces of the Chinese and Portuguese who came to Phuket a long time ago for their businesses. The Chinese and Portuguese left a long time ago, but their architectural influence stayed. You won’t believe you are in Thailand if you see those gorgeous houses.


Phuket Old Town-11

Anyway, turns out that even on a rainy day the Old Town of Phuket with its tiny alternative cafés and beautiful house fronts in pastel colours is really picturesque.

Sunday Walking Street Market in Phuket Old Town

And how lucky was I! At night there was the Sunday Walking Street Market just around the corner with all sorts of exotic and delicious food! The variety was enormous and the stalls were really clean – even to me, although I’m usually very picky when it comes to street food.

It’s really one of the best markets I’ve been to in Thailand, as it combines good food with entertainment as well. You can eat well, listen to some live music (there’s also a little stage area) or just enjoy the vibe. It’s also not very known to Western tourists, I saw much more locals around, so you really feel a little bit off the beaten path. Definitely the best address for street food in Phuket!

Sunday Walking Street Market (Lard Yai)
Located on Thalang Road
Phuket Old Town

4pm to 10pm

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22 Responses

  1. Wow, I LOVED this post! And I am so delighted that I came across your blog and this post! I’m going to Phuket in a few weeks and I could not be more excited after reading this!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Check out my blog here:

  2. Way cool Tatiana! That’s Old Town, all the way. Before I saw you note it I saw the pink buildings. We whizzed on thru anytime we visited Immigration in Phuket to extend our visas. Also, we traveled through after taking the ferry in from Koh Lanta. Thanks for sharing :)


  3. I feel like the food markets just encompass everything that’s so crazy and charming about Thailand. I wish I had gone to Phuket when I was there, that hotel looked cute!

  4. I missed Phuket when I visited Thailand a couple of years ago but the old town looks very atmospheric. And I love Thai street food. Like best cuisine ever!

  5. Sometimes the best memories come from the unexpected. What I like is the fact that not much tourist know about the Old Town. Maybe you exposed it now … lol. Just the kind of experience I like to have, mixing with the locals.

  6. Wow, the market in Phuket looks great. I am big fan of street food, not only it’s the cheapest, but also the most delicious food. And what is better way to learn about a country, than to eat like local, huh? Happy travels.

  7. Hey Tatiana,

    So glad to hear you turned your day around and enjoyed yourself.

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said about you never know what will happen next when travelling. I don’t know how many days have started off bad for me on the road and have turned into some of my best.

    Thanks for sharing this market. I love visiting them when I travel so will have to keep this one in mind for when I make it to Thailand someday.

  8. There is nothing better than a local thai street food!!!
    I love them! Sometimes I go to restaurants for dinner, but the recipe doesn’t taste as good as the street stall. Now that we are based in Bangkok almost everyday we have a feast… After 5 months in Thailand my favorite is still Papaya salad!!! Yummy
    Happy travels,

    1. Five months in Thailand? Wow, that sounds good! Street food in Thailand can be so delicious (although I always take a closer look and don’t eat everywhere) – and the fact that they keep the portions small allows you to wander from stall to stall and taste everything! Have a good time in Bangkok :)

  9. This is super cool! I love getting lost or taking a turn and finding something like this and it looks like you found a real gem!

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