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Phuket Old Town: Nostalgic flair in Thailand

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I stranded in Phuket rather by conincedence on my trip through Thailand. Phuket is known for beaches and more touristy regions. After a long day of traveling and endless discussions with cab drivers about far too overpriced rides, however, I had lost the desire for more adventures. Lucky me!

Phuket City Old Town
It’s rare to find something like the Old Town of Phuket in Thailand: a mix of Chinese and Portuguese colonial flair.

I actually didn’t want to stay in Phuket and take the ferry to Koh Lanta instead, but it had already left for the day. So I landed at the next best opportunity near the jetty in Phuket Old Town. There I was – in the middle of the wonderful old town of Phuket, which I would never have gotten to know if everything had gone as planned. Phuket town was a surprise and quite different from what I had heard about Phuket before.

Phuket city sights China lantern
The red lanterns provide the Chinese touch in Phuket town.
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Phuket Old Town: A mixture of China and Portugal

Phuket used to be a trading and goods transshipment center for both Chinese and Portuguese – hence many buildings in Phuket Town still bear the hallmarks of this unusual combination.

Many buildings are still preserved from that time and especially in recent years, much modernization and restoration is taking place, which contributes greatly to the charm of Phuket City.

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Phuket Town Thailand Sightseeing

Even on rainy days, Phuket’s Old Town is a worthwhile destination: many small alternative cafes and stores invite you to drop in and the atmosphere is young and creative. And the wonderful house fronts in pastel colors do the rest, so that you can’t get out of looking and marveling.

Sunday Walking Street Market in Phuket Old Town

I was lucky to be stranded in Phuket town on a Sunday, because that’s when the Sunday Walking Street Market takes place, with a wide variety of street food stalls offering the most delicious treats. I love street food in Thailand! For me, this is the best opportunity to taste your way through Thai cuisine. Often you also get small portions. So you can spend an entire evening strolling through a night market, working your way from one street food stall to another!

Phuket Old Town Street Food Market

Street Food & Live Music

At the Sunday Walking Street Market, there’s not only street food, but also a lot of entertainment! So you just stroll from stall to stall or just listen to the live music: there is a small stage set up in the middle of the market. I also didn’t see that many western tourists, actually there were more Thais on the road. So the market seems to be (still) a real insider tip! My stay at the Memory at On On Hotel turned out to be a total stroke of luck, as it was right around the corner! An absolute tip, especially if you are just passing through to Koh Lanta.

Stay at The Memory at On In Phuket Old Town*

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Information & Address

Sunday Walking Street Market (Lard Yai)
Located on Thalang Road
Phuket Old Town
Sundays 16-22h


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