Miami: Wynwood Walls & Street Art in the Wynwood Art District

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Wynwood and its Wynwood Walls in Miami have been on my wish list for a long time. And the positive thing about flights to North America is that I finally manage to get up really early. I woke up just in time to see the sunrise close to our hotel right at the beach in South Beach, Miami. An amazing experience and a feast for the eyes, but on the other hand, beauty isn’t hard to find in Miami. Miami is full of beautiful people, beautiful beaches and beautiful light. And above all, Miami is full of art! Like at the Wynwood Walls.

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Wynwood Walls: The Street Art Hotspot in Wynwood, Miami

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The Wynwood Walls are a bit off the tourist spots in Miami Beach. They are located in Wynwood. And actually, it’s not just a few painted colorful walls, but an open-air museum with a gallery, a café and a shop. Good to know: admission is free! It’s worth coming early, before it gets crowded, especially if you want to take a photo in front of one of the walls.

Wynwood Walls Street Art Mural

Even if you are not that interested in art: The Wynwood Walls are like a big playground for adults. The murals are colorful and there’s a lot of space to wander around. In the park itself, you can marvel at the walls, and some sculptures even invite you to climb. And the pictures are all so expressive and colorful especially in the Florida sunlight, that I suddenly forgot my jetlag! The Wynwood Walls just make you feel good.

You can also take a piece of the Wynwood Walls home with one of the paintings from the park’s own gallery.

Wynwood Walls Miami Entrance
Street art to go: In the large gallery of the Wynwood Walls you can buy your favorite pieces of art right away.

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wynwood walls miami

In general, Wynwood is the district to go if you like art. Many galleries are nearby, and you can always find great street art in the sprawling streets of this former industrial area.

Wynwood Walls: In the middle of the Wynwood Art District in Miami

In most stores you’ll even find maps with the best street art spots and the most beautiful murals, but since it is constantly changing, it’s best to just walk around and keep your eyes open. I couldn’t help but be amazed; so many great colors, ideas and inspiration! You really should plan a whole day for Wynwood. Around the corner from the Wynwood Walls for example, you’ll find this now quite famous mural by Brazilian artist Kobra!

Address and opening hours

Wynwood Walls
2214 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

mon-thur 10:30h-23:30h
fri-sat 10:30h-0:00h
sun 10:30h-20h
2nd Saturday of the month: Wynwood Artwalk


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