Gardens by the Bay

Singapore: Visiting the Gardens by the Bay at night

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Singapur muss nicht immer teuer sein: Die Gärten rund um das Marina Bay Sands, das berühmte Hotel in Singapur, sind kostenlos! In den Gardens by the Bay kann man hier gut einige Stunden verbringen und sich vom Großstadt-Stress erholen.

Glowing Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night

The gardens of Singapore

During the day, you can go into the adjacent greenhouses and marvel at the beautiful plants.

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At night, the famous trees in the Gardens by the Bay are illuminated. When the planted supertrees are really put in the limelight with the Gardens by the Bay light show, the gardens in Singapore are truly impressive. The lightshow is really a unique experience! No wonder many people just look for a quiet place and stare fascinated at the luminous sky.

Marina Bay Sands: The most famous infinity pool in the world

Next door, you will immediately notice this familiar futuristic building. Who hasn’t seen the now world-famous postcard view from the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands* in Singapore?

Opened in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands and the area around it have quickly become Singapore’s new attraction. There was nothing here before. Now a complete recreational resort has been built on the empty lot.

The hotel itself is not only a hotel, but also a shopping center and casino. The luxury shopping center houses brands from Dior to Louis Vuitton to Dolce&Gabbana.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel with infinity pool in Singapore

I’m sure before the Marina Bay Sands, no one really knew what the term “infinity pool” meant. Until the first pictures of the pool on the roof of the ship-shaped Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore appeared. After every self-respecting Instagrammer was hanging around the edge of the world’s highest pool, the term “infinity pool” became a household word. By the way, you can only get access as a hotel guest. Smuggling in is pointless. With luck, the cheapest room starts at about 350 euros a night. So that’s already a higher investment. It’s worth checking, the prices vary greatly.

Room rates & availability at the Marina Bay Sands*

If you don’t want to spend that, you can visit the viewing platform next door, which is open to the public for an entrance fee, and enjoy the view of Singapore without the pool.

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Gardens by the Bay: the glowing trees of Singapore

Equally impressive are the Supertrees at night, when the light show kicks in. The show is well attended, but the area is relatively spacious and you don’t step on each other’s feet. Many simply lie down on blankets, jackets or just nothing on the bare floor and watch the lightshow so quite chilled – I’ve also done the same: you just can not get out of the amazement!

Glowing Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night

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When is the light show at Gardens by the Bay?

The show is held twice a day: 19.45h and 20.45h. The OCBC Skyway that connects the various Supertrees at altitude can also be accessed during the light show.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the Gardens by the Bay illuminated at night


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