Sunset on top of the Schlossberg in Graz, Austria

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Graz has always been one of my favourite destinations on duty. By Austrian standards, Graz is quite a large city, but for me as a Berliner it is small and picturesque. Nevertheless, there is a bit of everything: Nature (you can take a wonderful stroll along the Mur), a pretty good selection of big and small shops (in case you’re into shopping), lots of nice cafés and restaurants and even great art exhibitions! Too bad it was Monday and my favourite museum, the Kunsthaus Graz, was closed. No matter which exhibition is currently running, I always like to go and marvel at the extraordinary architecture, organically shaped and bizarre at the same time. Not at all matching the traditional old town around and yet interesting because of the contrast.

auf dem schlossberg in graz Österreich

Up on the Schlossberg in Graz

Always a good idea, by the way: Climbing the Schlossberg and looking at Graz from above. The view over the city and the mountains in the background is really beautiful – and fortunately, the weather rewarded us with an unusual golden November day. There are three ways to get up there: By foot (no option for me after several days of early duty with little sleep), by the Schloßberg cable car or with the Schloßberg lift. The Schloßbergbahn is a funicular railway and a simple ticket only costs 2,40€. Very convenient: Public transport tickets are also valid! The Schloßberglift only costs 1,60€ for a single ride and does not have the beautiful view on the way. But the ride through the massive rock with the glass lift is kind of spectacular, too. The tickets of the Graz lines are not valid here.

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auf dem schlossberg in graz ÖsterreichWhen you reach the top, you can stop at various restaurants: Right at the top you will find the restaurant Schlossberg with an attached beer garden, right next to the Schlossberg lift the stylish Aiola upstairs and my absolute favourite, the Starcke Weinhaus, which offers the very best view over Graz with its enchanted terraces on several levels. I could have enjoyed this view for hours!

auf dem schlossberg in graz Österreich

Where to stay in Graz

Hotel Daniel* – The location next to the main station may be unsual, but it’s impressive what has been created from this rather ugly post-war concrete block: a damn cool, young hotel with a great design.

Hotel Wiesler* – Located in the heart of the old town, on the banks of the River Mur, an old hotel with a long tradition, which after a complete renovation years ago is now shining in modern splendour. Great atmosphere and a perfect combination of old and new.

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