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Rome: Tips for the 5 Great Classics

Aktualisiert am: 11/03/2024

Have you never been to Rome either? For all Rome beginners, I’ve put together a few tips here: what to see, a few important and less important sights, important tips and a few first impressions. My tips for Rome, by the way, you can visit well on a weekend just as!

Rome tips in a nutshell:
➜ Free entrance & ticket for public transport with Roma Pass*.
➜ Faster to the Colosseum*
➜ Overnight stay: Generator Rome*

Rome Classic No.1: The Colosseum

Somehow, I always thought the Colosseum was right in the center of Rome. But that’s not true at all. But from my accommodation near the main station it was easy to walk there, for everyone else there’s a subway station right in front of it. And then you’re there – in front of the huge monstrosity that is the Colosseum. It is unbelievable how large the stadiums were built back then and how much the construction method has influenced today’s stadiums. The massive stones everywhere, the size in general: if you don’t check out the Colosseum in Rome, you’re missing out.

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Rome Sights Colosseum
The Colosseum in Rome: Absolute must-see, but unfortunately also very crowded. It’s best to plan your visit in advance to avoid long waits or just be there really early.

In summer, the queues are endless. Even if you think, like me, half an hour after opening at 8 o’clock would be early enough. Tickets can be ordered at the official presale – but they are often sold out.

Absolutely note: In addition to the official ticket store, there are also various commercial tour providers who sell tickets both online and on-site with priority entry so you don’t have to stand in line. I actually decided in my desperation directly on the spot for this variant and have paid in the end 30€ (meanwhile certainly more), which was already the down negotiated price (yes, absolutely negotiate!). You still have to wait until the whole group is together. For this you also get some extra info from the tour guide.

Overall, the ticket situation is quite opaque and anything but stress-free on site. So better buy your ticket in advance! If you can’t get a ticket at the official presale anymore, try this tour provider online:

Book your ticket for the Colosseum online:

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Tip: If you want to visit even more sights in Rome, it might be worth buying the Roma Pass for 48 or 72 hours – this gives you free entry to one or two sights of your choice and free travel on public transport!

To Roma Passport*

Rome Sightseeing No. 2: St. Peter’s Basilica

The same applies to St. Peter’s Basilica: queuing is inevitable (at least in summer). In the afternoon, the waiting time is supposed to be shorter, but still: In the end, it was 40 minutes in scorching heat. But you can pass the time by admiring St. Peter’s Square in all its glory: The huge area framed by colonnades is impressive. And inside – well, with so much art, gold and pomp, no one remains unflashed.

Visit to St. Peter’s Basilica: What you need to know!

Admission to St. Peter’s Basilica is free. However, before going in, you have to pass a security check. St. Peter’s Basilica is a religious site, so pay attention to the right clothing, especially in summer: Shoulders and knees should be covered, but no headgear!

If you have time, also check out the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings and the Vatican Museums with their huge art collection!

Buy tickets for the Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums in advance*.

Rome Sights St. Peter's Basilica Vatican
St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is gigantic. With luck, the sun’s incoming rays will create an even more mystical atmosphere.

Rome Classic No. 3: Fontana di Trevi

Who does not know it, the huge Trevi Fountain, in which once bathed Anita Ekberg? Can still be seen today in Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita. The fountain, by the way, looks even more spectacular live, partly because of the really huge crowds that gather around it, but also because it is monstrous compared to the small Piazza di Trevi.

fontana di trevi rome

The Fontana di Trevi stretches over the entire facade of a palazzo and is crafted in marble so rich in detail that you can always discover new sides.

fontana di trevi rome

If you want to make the Rome experience complete, throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain. But beware: getting directly to the fountain in summer is nearly impossible thanks to the crowds, unless you’re not afraid to poke your way through the crowd with your selfie stick.

For more dolce vita and travel inspiration, check out the Italy Blog

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Rome Sightseeing No.4: The Spanish Steps

Near the Fontana di Trevi is theScalinata di Trinità dei Monti – the original name of the Spanish Steps, named after the church it leads up to.

spanish stairs rome

The German name derives from the square below, Piazza di Spagna. And actually, the Spanish Steps is just a staircase – but huge, overcomes quite a height difference and is a meeting place and hangout at the same time. There is enough space on the stairs.

spanish stairs rome

Rome Classic No.5: The Pantheon

The Pantheon has been a Catholic church for over 1500 years – that alone is incredible. Even more unbelievable that it is even much older, almost 2000 years, and at that time was most likely a temple for all sorts of deities.

romThe Pantheon is a domed structure and was the inspiration for several famous buildings, such as the Capitol in Washington. In the middle of the dome there is a big hole as the only source of light – and when it rains, well, it just rains right into the Pantheon. Whereby the floor was designed so that all rainwater simply drains away. Quite fascinating.


Stay overnight in Rome

Finding accommodation in Rome is not difficult, even or especially in the middle of summer. Many articles and travel guides advise against the area around Termini Station. There are a lot of hotels there, but many people are not very enthusiastic about the station flair around it. I admit, if you live in Berlin-Neukölln like I do, you probably have different standards; however, I was not afraid there in the evenings.

spanish stairs rome

I can highly recommend the Generator Hostel (there are also cheap double rooms): Clean, nice, stylish.

Infos & prices for Generator Hostel Rome*.

The proximity to Termini station, from which you can also get to the airport and everywhere else quickly and easily, made the location perfect for me. Traffic-wise, it couldn’t have been better. Especially with a few days stay!


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