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Good to know

The currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (1 Euro is about 4 Zloty). The best time to travel is from April to October.

Things to do

Eating pierogies, strolling through Gdansk's Main City and struggling with the Polish language & its many consonants.

My recommendation

If you’re visiting Berlin, Poland is just a short trip away! In no time you are at the Polish border and can explore Germany’s neighboring country. But even if you are in a completely different corner of Germany, I highly recommend a trip to Poland!

Cities like Wroclaw or Poznan are great for a short weekend city break – or you can venture straight to the vibrant capital of Warsaw! Poland is young, hip and cosmopolitan (at least that’s how I got to know the country) and the best thing: there is delicious food everywhere!

Tips for your trip to Poland

How to get best to Poland

There are many ways to get to Poland: By plane you can get straight to all major cities, but travelling ➜ by train to Poland* is also a good option.

If you do not want to drive your own car and if you are on a budget, there are also some long-distance buses that travel from Germany to many Polish cities.

Where to stay in Salzburg

Poland is a relatively inexpensive destination by European standards.

Here you will also find good accommodation options that are comfortable and do not immediately break the bank.

Find accommodation in Poland*.


I keep trying to learn a few words in Polish, but I usually can't say more than "dzień dobry" (good day/hello): Polish is very complicated!

Fortunately, at least in the bigger cities, you can get along very well with English. Especially the younger Poles do speak English very well and are very helpful.

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