The Salt Lakes of Ocna Sibiului: Wellness in Romania

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Sometimes my job takes me to remote corners, which often leads to questions about how I spend my free time there: What do people do in Sibiu, Romania? For warm summer days I discovered the salt lakes of Ocna Sibiului. They are located near Sibiu and an absolute bargain in terms of wellness. It’s a little old-fashioned, but for paying only a few cent admission there’s really nothing to complain about. The area itself has several small salt lakes made up of former saltworks. The salt level of the water is so high that you can float on the surface without even sinking a little. Swimming is almost impossible. And it is so relaxing! One of the lakes even has a higher salt concentration than the Dead Sea.

Ocna Sibiului Salt Lake Romania
Floating on the surface: With the high salt concentration drowning is impossible in this salt lake in Ocna Sibiului.

A mud bath to get beautiful skin

A special highlight is the mud bath: A lake full of black mud on the bottom, which is supposed to make your skin shiny and smooth. We’ve also been told, that the mud is also good for rheumatism! Ocna Sibiului is famous to have healing effects on a lot of other conditions. I can’t confirm everything, but my skin really felt great afterwards. I had a skin like a baby. Only the smell was a bit different than at your regular spa. As the lakes and the mud are all natural, your skin will smell a bit mouldy and earthy afterwards. But the mud bath as well as floating in the salt lakes in Ocna Sibiului is such a relaxing experience.

Ocna Sibiului Mud bath thermal resort Romania
Tested: This dark mud will make your skin look shiny and smooth.

Ocna Sibiului Salt Lake Sibiu

Ocna Sibiului Resort Romania
Rustikal und vielfach improvisiert: Genau das machen Orte wie Ocna Sibiului in Rumänien so charmant.

Relaxing at Ocna Sibiului in Romania

Ocna Sibiului is located near the city of Sibiu in Transylvania, Romania. In the past few years, more and more has been invested in the old thermal resort with its salt lakes. However, the entrance fee is so cheap that I don’t remember the exact amount. Around the salt lakes there are some simple accommodations (click here for an overview*), but the salt lakes can also be reached quickly and inexpensively by taxi from the centre of Sibiu.

There are direct flights to Sibiu from several European airports:
Search for direct flights to Sibiu*

Ocna Sibiului Salt Lakes Romania

Ocna Sibiului Skin Care Salt

Ocna Sibiului salt Lakes near Sibiu

Ocna Sibiului Mud bath Medical Spa Romania

Ocna Sibiului Romania


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Salt Lake in Ocna Sibiului Romania Salt Lake in Ocna Sibiului Romania

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