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Ocna Sibiului: The Salt Lakes of Sibiu in Romania

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Sometimes my job takes me to the most remote corners, which often leads to questions about my leisure activities: What do people do in Sibiu, Romania? For warm days, I discovered the healing springs of Ocna Sibiului. They are very close to Sibiu and are an incredible bargain.

Well, it’s a bit rustic, but for the few cents admission you really can’t complain. The complex itself consists of several small salt lakes, former salt pans – and they are so salty that you can float on the surface of the water without sinking a bit. Swimming is almost impossible, you feel more like a floating buoy. And it’s so relaxing! One of the lakes even has a higher salt concentration than the Dead Sea.

Ocna Sibiului Salt Lake
Just let yourself drift: The salt lakes of Ocna Sibiului.

Bathing lakes, mud baths and beautiful skin

A special highlight is the mud bath – a spring full of black mud in which everyone can wallow together and rub themselves with mud. We have been told that it makes your skin really beautiful, is good for rheumatism and actually heals everything.

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Ocna Sibiului Mud healing springs health resort
This mud makes really beautiful skin.

I can’t confirm that, but the skin feels really great afterwards. Only the slightly musty smell could be improved. When the three of us got into the cab back to Sibiu after a whole day of salt and mud baths, I felt kind of sorry for our cab driver. But he took it in his stride.

In fact, we were the only foreigners far and wide at the lakes – and were a bit of the attraction of the day. We communicated with our hands and feet and were initiated into the correct technique for a perfect mud bath.

Ocna Sibiului outdoor pool Sibiu

Ocna Sibiului: Wellness in Romania

The spa town of Ocna Sibiuliu is located near the city of Sibiu in Transylvania, Romania. In recent years, there has been increased investment in the old spa complex with the salt lakes. However, the entrance fee is so cheap that I can’t remember the exact amount.

Ocna Sibiului Health Resort Romania
Rustic and often improvised: This is exactly what makes places like Ocna Sibiului in Romania so charming.

Accommodation & Arrival Ocna Sibiului

There is some basic accommodation around the salt lakes, but the salt lakes can also be reached quickly and cheaply by cab from the center of Sibiu. There are direct flights to Sibiu from several German airports.

All hotels by the salt lakes near Sibiu*

Ocna Sibiului Salt Lakes Romania
Ocna Sibiului Salt Lakes Skin Care Wellness
Ocna Sibiului Salt Lakes Sibiu
Ocna Sibiului Spa Mud Application
Ocna Sibiului Lakes Romania


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