My story.

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I’m a restless soul. An eternal gipsy.

In 2000, I was 21 years old, I started working as a flight attendant. It was perfect. On the job, I got to know almost every inch of Europe. And when that wasn’t enough anymore, I started traveling on my own and writing this blog. It all started – how cliché – in Thailand, home to almost all beginning of finding-yourself-stories out there. That was the time when I realized that switching my beloved Rimowa to a sloppy, worn down backpack gave traveling a whole other perspective.

But back to the beginning.

With my (almost) home town Düsseldorf as homebase, the world (or Europe, to be exact) opened up right in front of me, when I became a flight attendant. In a time, where no one my age couldn’t afford regular weekend trips to Paris, London or Barcelona (Low-Cost wasn’t even born back then), this was an amazing opportunity. We used to work in small crews, the airport was my second home and even though I lived a crazy lifestyle everything around me seemed so familiar to me.

Anyway. Soon I discovered the beauty of working part-time – an exceptional and at that time very progressive offer for all of us by my employer. I took the chance of working less, and in 2004 I started studying economics at Fernuniversität Hagen, a distance learning based university. With quite good results, considering the fact that I’ve been an absolutely lazy and undisciplined student. I got past the Germany Vordiplom (which would be sort of equivalent to a Bachelor nowadays) and was specializing in Marketing, when I literally took the business world in my own hands in 2008. Initially just for fun, I started sewing and shortly afterwards selling item after item online. I worked on an old sewing machine in a corner of my bedroom, but eventually, it got too small for all the piles of fabric, supplies and packaging material. Long story short, I moved to Berlin in the meantime, got myself a place to work and there I was: Founding my own business with a successful online shop and a store right in the middle of Berlin in the most precious Scheunenviertel near Hackescher Markt. Business was going well, I needed to hire a friend to help me. I even moved the manufacturing process overseas: My ever so lovely mum almost drowned in a pile of fabric I left her for sewing every time I went to my parents’ house in Majorca.

But every story has an ending, and after some major personal setbacks I didn’t have the strength anymore to do both: business AND flying – because YES, I was still working as a flight attendant the whole time. So, in 2014, I went to Thailand with the last bit of energy and was surprised: Traveling made me feel better. I decided to dedicate more time to traveling  – and that’s when this blog started.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. You will find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter und Pinterest.

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