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The Best Things to Do in Montreal in Winter

Aktualisiert am: 10/03/2024

Somehow I had imagined huge masses of snow in Montreal and Canada in December. Trudging through the snow at minus 20 degrees. Get lost in snowstorms, wrapped up tight. Snow wherever you look. Well, yes. While I landed in Tehran in the middle of winter, in Montreal the last snow had just melted due to a small heat wave. So no Canadian Winter Wonderland for me. It’s a shame really, as it would have made Christmas shopping in Montreal even more atmospheric. But the mild winter weather had one good thing: I was able to explore the sights of Montreal in peace and quiet and without the freezing cold.

The underground city in Canada

Nevertheless, Montreal is the perfect shopping city, even or especially in winter. Most of the malls can be reached underground and almost the entire city center has a labyrinthine underground system. Montreal is like an underground city. Subway stations, office buildings, shopping centers – everything is connected by tunnels. Very practical when it gets really cold outside: you can walk through the entire city without having to set foot on the street even once. It’s a bit surreal how life underground feels like a parallel world.

Montreal sights Caron Building
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Tips & sights in Montreal

In addition to underground shopping, there are also a few other beautiful sights in Montreal – here are a few tips, unsorted and without any claim to completeness, but tried out for yourself! :)

Food & drink in Montreal

Somehow it’s probably the French heritage: cafés and restaurants on every corner, one cozier than the next. For example, the Bar A Beurre or the Café de Mercanti in the old town of Montreal. Good coffee and lots of sweet stuff, such as the filled butter balls in all colors and flavors.

Café de Mercanti
350 Notre Dame Est.
Old Port Montreal, QC H2Y1C7

Right next door:
Bar A Beurre

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Marché Bonsecours

Looking for a few souvenirs? Available at the Marché Bonsecours, a covered market hall. There are lots of small craft stores with unusual Montreal and Canadian souvenirs. Not cheap, but nice. I brought an Indian dreamcatcher with me.

  Montreal sights Marche Bonsecours

Quai de l’Horloge

At the old port of Montreal(Vieux-Port de Montréal), at the end of the Quai d’horloge, there is a tiny city beach with a rustic harbor atmosphere. It was of course empty, but definitely reserved for sunnier days. (Should I be lucky enough to come back in a few months). And if the weather doesn’t play ball: There’s another great spa in the Vieux-Port, the Bota Bota – I would have loved to try it out too, but the pick-up was calling again. Next time.

  Montreal sights Quai de l'horloge beach
Montreal sightseeing tour de l horloge montreal
old port railroad crossing montreal
Montreal sights Vieux Port
Montreal sights Old Port
railroad tracks vieux port Montreal sights
Montreal sights Squirrel with nut

Basilica Notre-Dame de Montréal

Montreal is known for its many churches. There are some really outstandingly beautiful ones, such as the St. Joseph’s Oratory on Mont Royal. Or the Basilica Notre-Dame de Montréal (see photos). Also worth seeing for non-churchgoers.

Basilica of Notre Dame Montreal Sights
  Montreal sights Basilica of Notre Dame

Staying overnight in Montreal

I stayed at the Delta Hotel by Marriott * stayed overnight. Very good, but also very dignified. But the location was perfect for exploring the city! If you don’t want to invest quite so much, there’s the nearby Zero 1 *, a little cheaper, but more modern and just as comfortable.

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