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Molinar: The hotspot in Palma!

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People often ask me where to go in Palma. For a long time I kept the hottest tip in Palma to myself – but by now my list of great locations in my favorite part of Palma is so long that I finally have to share it with you! So here you can find my tips for Molinar, probably the most beautiful district in Palma!

Molinar beach promenade secret tips for Palma in Mallorca
Sea, beach and a fresh breeze: Even Mallorcans themselves rave about Palma’s suburb Molinar.

Molinar in Palma: From fishing village to Mallorca’s hotspot

Just a few decades ago, Molinar was a only an old fishing village. But after the beach promenade was extended here from downtown Palma in the late nineties, the forgotten suburb became the city’s new hotspot. Although land prices rose ad infinitum, Molinar nevertheless retained the charm of a village and to this day has little to no tourist appeal. A great secret location for all those who don’t want to stay in one of the many hotels and who like to mingle with the locals!

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Where is Molinar located?

Molinar is a district of Palma and extends from the marina Portixol along the sea out of town to the next district Ciudad Jardin. Molinar is especially popular for its long beach promenade, which unlike many other sections in Palma, is not very touristy. By bike you can explore Molinar particularly well: From here you can ride both in direction to the big port of Palma and in the other direction to Playa de Palma. This section is also popular among inline skaters.

Portixol harbour in Palma Mallorca
The Portixol marina in Palma

Molinar or Portixol?

Due to its proximity to the Portixol marina, this corner of Palma is often called Portixol. Strictly speaking, however, Portixol is only the area around the marina. Molinar is the suburb of Palma that starts right there. However, many people also name the beachfront in Molinar Portixol – so don’t panic if you ask someone for directions, both names are often used for what’s actually Molinar.

Molinar is my tip for you on Mallorca if you only have a few days but still want to relax by the sea!

Beach in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca

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The best beaches in Molinar

Classic beaches with the typical touristy infrastructure with umbrellas, lifeguards and postcard stores are not to be found in Molinar. But that is exactly what makes the beaches in Molinar so popular. Many locals swim here, the atmosphere is relaxed and people know each other.

Playa de El Molinar in Palma, Mallorca
Playa de El Molinar

The only beach equipped with showers is Playa de El Molinar, right at the beginning of the boardwalk. Down to Ciudad Jardin, however, there is no official beach. You can just enter the beach here in the wild, so to speak, a real rarity in and around Palma! Especially popular are the spots around the Rosa del Vents, the monolith with the seagull on top right on the promenade. Here, the water is shallow and you can walk forever into the ocean. The sea is crystal clear in good weather.

Playa de El Molinar in Palma, Mallorca
The beach promenade in Molinar

On weekends, the promenade is very busy, but during the week you’ll find great, quiet swimming spots. There are also two small bays, especially suitable for children; the water is clear and shallow. There is little to no swell due to the enclosed bay.

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At the end of the promenade you are already in Ciudad Jardin. It’s a bit more lively there with some bars and a chiringuito (that’s how the beach bars directly by the beach are called). Here there are showers, public toilets and access for visitors with reduced mobility. This beach is also guarded by lifeguards during the day in summer.

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Beach in Ciudad Jardin, Palma, Mallorca
During the off-season, you’ll have the wide beach in Ciudad Jardin to yourself on weekdays

Where to eat and drink in Molinar

The Paseo of Molinar has also become the favorite gastronomic destination of Palmesans, where people like to stroll along the promenade in the evening or do sports. Outside the high season and on weekdays it is relatively quiet, but even in summer on weekends it does not get too crowded. To some extent, places come and go here, but there are some really good tips that are absolutely no tourist traps.

These are my restaurant favorites in Molinar!

Mala Madre A bit off the boardwalk and more with a street view than an ocean view, the menu is a bit of a wild mix, Tex-Mex, Asia, a little bit of everything but still good. Great interior with jungle vibes.

Mala Madre Restaurant in Portixol, Palma, Mallorca
Mala Madre at Portixol harbour

Izizi Nunnak Great cocktails, good selection, both for small lunch or large dinner. Seats on the terrace with ocean view are especially popular on weekends, but inside the huge bar and the cozy patio are also eye-catchers. Cocktails are amazing.

Lamb chop on plate at Izizi Nunnak in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca
Gazpacho with avocado on plate at Izizi Nunnak in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca
Izizi Nunnak

Enco Longtime classic on Playa de El Molinar and always a safe bet for coffee/cake, snacks or tasty sandwiches. Also good for breakfast!

Es Vaixell Right next door, also recommended for drinks and snacks. Popular among locals!

Playa de El Molinar in Palma, Mallorca
Around the Playa de El Molinar are many great restaurants

Cocco My recommendation for drinks at sunset! From the upper floor you have an even better view of the bay and the setting sun.

A Tarantella A little less fancy, but that shouldn’t stop you. I am very picky about Italian restaurants outside of Italy in particular; but Tarantella is one of the few restaurants where I eat lasagna without hesitation. I especially love the lasagna! Everything else, pizza, pasta, also delicious, fresh and good. Service is authentic and attentive. Very popular, best to reserve on weekends.
A Tarantella has moved and is now a bit more hidden at Carrer de la ille de Corfù 8 in Ciudad Jardin. But cuisine is always great, the way to the neighboring Ciudad Jardin is worth it!

Update March 2023: Now you’ll find Petit Nola, an offshoot of Nola in Santa Catalina. Good address for brunch, drinks and snacks!

Restaurant at the marina Port Petit in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca
At the small marina Port Petit in Molinar
Lasagna in Italian restaurant in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca

Vent Portixol I have yet to find out if this is a good place to eat; in any case, it’s good for a drink and snacks in the afternoon or evening. Decorated in beach bar style; very comfortable to sit and people-watch here.

Sa Roqueta A bit fancier, but still with the charm of the near harbour and absolutely recommended for fans of fresh fish and seafood. Secluded on the mini peninsula of the Hotel Portixol. Even the former King Juan Carlos of Spain with family is said to have dined here on their annual Mallorca vacation!

Alta Marea Very good tip for a romantic dinner! Alta Marea is located in a small square, somewhat hidden from the promenade on Passeig del Born del Molinar. Sit outside & enjoy good Italian cuisine on a warm summer evening!

Can Tito is right next door at the same square, with a nice terrace as well. Established and traditional, famous for fish and seafood and a good address if you are looking for really typical cuisine!

Plaza del Born in Molinar, Palma de Mallorca
The Passeig del Born del Molinar is especially beautiful in the evening & popular with insiders and locals.

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Insider tips in Molinar

On the Carrer Llucmajor, it’s less fancy than on the promenade, but you’re really only among locals here. Often the places here are not particularly prepared for tourists, so strangers usually shy away from going inside. But I can only recommend it! It’s much cheaper than on the promenade and you can also dive right into village life. Menus are often not available and English isn’t very common here, but here’s a glimpse of the authentic Mallorca!

Small square with fountain in Molinar, Palma de Mallorca
Village life in Molinar

El Rincón de Laura My recommendation for a good breakfast! The entrance on the main street is inconspicuous and looks more like a garage, but behind it hides a cute place with charm! Mingle among the locals! Start the day with a Café con leche and delicious, freshly made tostadas (one portion is enough for two). Just ask for the current Pa amb Oli (bread with oil). The toppings change constantly, with everything from basics like jamón, queso and tortilla to calamares and anchoas.

Breakfast at Rincón de Laura in Molinar, Palma de Mallorca

El Camionero Traditional restaurant with a changing daily menu. Here you can get typical dishes and home cooking for lunch. Often well attended, the village meets here for lunch. There is loud laughter, chatting, and even a glass of wine at lunchtime – an experience!

Forn Can Na Teresa bakery, which with the white and blue interior is more reminiscent of a fish store. Lively meeting place, also good for having coffee with a piece of cake!

What to see in Molinar

Even though Molinar is actually just a small village, there are still a few spots you can check out.

Port Petit

The small harbor in the center of Molinar is still being restored, but from the looks of it already, this place is becoming the new hotspot in Molinar. New is the small viewpoint at the top of the port, from which you can see all the way to the cathedral and the port of Palma.

Entrance to the Port Petit in Molinar, Palma de Mallorca

By the way, all this is only thanks to the protests of Molinar’s population: Originally, the local government wanted to sell the run-down area to a foreign investor. Thanks to a large-scale citizens’ movement and years of protests, however, this piece of village history now remains public – and makes Molinar even more beautiful.

Port Petit in Molinar, Palma, Mallorca

Rosa del Vents

The monolith with the seagull on top is the landmark of Molinar. By the way, this (as well as the rest of the promenade) is a popular spot for fashion shoots. It is not uncommon to see big photo and video productions here – the light with the sea in the background is simply magnificent.

Rosa del Vent in Molinar, Palma de Mallorca
The landmark of Molinar: The Rosa del Vents

Where to stay in Molinar

Due to its perfect location, Molinar is also very suitable for staying overnight and as a home base for your stay in Mallorca! Especially if you want to spend a few days in Palma only and want to avoid to stay in the busy city centre, Molinar will be a perfect choice!

A quick weekend in Palma?
Molinar is only 10 minutes by car from the airport!
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Here you will find beach and tranquility, but still have a perfect bus connection to downtown Palma and the airport. If you’re feeling like it, you’ll also be at the infamous Playa de Palma or Arenal in no time. Cab rides to the airport or to the city are also affordable. The only problem: accommodation in Molinar is scarce.

A great recommendation is the iconic Hotel Portixol* right on the marina. A bit cheaper, but also very nice is Hotel Portofino* in Ciudad Jardin at the other end of Molinar; you’ll have the beach almost directly in front of the hotel. Almost next door, in an old city villa and somewhat hidden you’ll find Hotel Ciutat Jardi* with nostalgic flair, pool and good restaurant included.

Hotel Portixol in Palma, Mallorca
One of the first boutique hotels in Palma: Hotel Portixol

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