Merry Christmas, New York!

Is there any chance not to be amazed by New York? Especially during Chrismas Time? This hug city full of people, full of building, full of history. Every street corner tells a different story and looks familiar, probably because you might have seen it in one of those countless movies or television series playing in New York.

Two weeks before Christmas I walked through the streets of Manhattan, staring up to the enormous sky scrapers, always looking around and amazed, that my job as a flight attendant has brought me here. After 16 years of working on short-haul flights within Europe it’s still surreal to get off the plane after a flight and to set foot on the other side of the big ocean.

fassaden in manhattan

The ultimate Christmas New York feeling

I’m always eager to get to know new places. Nothing I’ve been before. The few months I’m spending on long-haul flights now are way to precious. But New York is a different story. I’ve been there before in private, so I already knew most of the must-see sightseeing spots. This time, I’ve had only 24 hours to sleep, eat and for sightseeing: Layovers at the East Coast are usually pretty short. But it was Chrismas time and I wanted the whole New York Christmas Feeling experience! So I went to the epicentre of Christmas in New York: The Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue.

Times Square

new york

Big screens over and over. Times Square is one huge ad with you in the middle. It’s blinking everywhere and even if it’s just annoying advertisement in the end: It’s fascinating!

Fifth Avenue

fifth avenue new york public library

Actually, Fifth Avenue is nothing special and then again, it is. It’s home to the new unofficial President’s residence, the Trump Tower, the biggest Victoria’s Secret flagship store ever, the historical St. Patrick’s Cathedral, famous skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and so on. Perfekt, when you don’t have much time: Start at the Central Park and stroll down Fifth Avenue! True New York Movie Feeling!

Rockefeller Center

schlittschuhlaufen im rockefeller center

Iceskating at the Rockefeller Center was actually a dream of mine. But the prices really scared me . And the fact, that I didn’t go on the ice since I was a little girl. But the Rockefeller Center still is the center of Christmas Feeling! Don’t miss it to get into the right Christmas mood!


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