Esporles, Mallorca: market in the beautiful mountain village

Esporles is a small village at the foot of the Serra Tramuntana. Here Mallorca is particularly authentic! Not many tourists stray here. Maybe you’ll be lucky and come by when there’s a market in Esporles. There you can experience real Mallorcan village life!

Esporles market in Mallorca with fruits and vegetables
Colorful: The market in Esporles.

Esporles in Mallorca: The farmer’s market

A short visit to one of the numerous markets on Mallorca is actually enough to realize that foodies get their money’s worth here. Every village, no matter how small, has its own market during the week. Often you will find stands of local vendors who sell products from their own finca!

Market in Esporles Mallorca
The weekly market in Esporles is one of the most beautiful on the island.
Sobrassada at market in Esporles Mallorca
Typical: The spicy Sobrassada.
Stockfish on market in Esporles Mallorca
Ingredients for Mallorcan cuisine: stockfish and pickled olives.

The Mallorcan soil is very fertile – and the (almost) constantly shining sun does the rest. Lemon and orange trees actually grow everywhere on the island. So is everything else you need for a healthy Mediterranean diet: olives, juicy tomatoes, dried fruit, fresh fish, huge watermelons. The list is endless!

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Esporles Mallorca Café Deportiu
Esporles Mallorca farmers market tomatoes onions
Esporles Mallorca village Tramuntana

Esporles: The market as a village event

The market day is often also THE event in remote villages. Apart from the fact that you can often get much fresher fruit and vegetables here than in the local supermarket, you also get to hear the latest village rumors – or just get to chat with the neighbors over a café con leche. Especially for the elderly people, who don’t leave the village much, the market day is a good opportunity for social contacts.

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Esporles Mallorca village festival
Esporles Mallorca market stall salad

When is market day in Esporles? When is market in Mallorca?

In Mallorca, every day is market day! There is always some small village, which just has a market. Large markets like the one in Santa Maria on Sundays are popular for their size and variety, but small markets like this one on Saturdays in Esporles are particularly charming.

Here you will find all markets on Mallorca at a glance!

Market in Esporles Mallorca
Cheese at market in Esporles Mallorca
Everything fresh from the farmer: from cheese to vegetables there is a wide choice in Esporles.


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