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Esporles: An authentic food market on Mallorca


Ever dreamt about strolling over one of those mediterranean farmer’s markets with fresh vegetables and tasty authentic cuisine? On Mallorca, you will find numerous of those beautiful food markets! But as the island is so popular among tourists (and the markets as well), chances are good that you will land in a tourist trap. But in Esporles, a rather un-touristy village on the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, you can still find the authentic atmosphere of a real mallorquinian farmer’s market! And you can shop like a local! In this article, I tell you which day to go and what specialities you have to try!

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Esporles, Mallorca: A charming local market you’ve been always looking for

One visit at one of those numerous markets on the island and you will know what I’m talking about. Every little village here has still its very own market day during the week. Often you will even find market stalls from local vendors who are selling their own products from their own cultivation on their families’ finca. Don’t forget to try local-grown fruits and vegetables when you are on Mallorca! I especially love the oranges here, they are super juicy and so sweet you might think someone put sugar inside! In summer, a farmer’s market on Mallorca is a foodies paradise!

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

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Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Mallorca and its farmer’s market: Local products all over the island

Mallorquinian soil is very fertil – and the evershining sun does the rest. Lemon and orange trees are spread all over the island and almost everything you need for a healthy mediterrenean diet can be found here: olives, juicy tomatoes, fresh fish, dried fruits, big watermelons – the list is endless.

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Market day in Esporles: A social event where you can meet the locals!

In addition, market day is often the event during the week at remote villages. Beside of getting fresher food than at a bigger supermarket right in front of your doorstep, it’s still the best opportunity to get to know the latest village rumours or to just have a nice chat over a café con leche with your neighbours. Especially for elderly locals, who don’t drive or barely leave their village, market day is a good way to keep up some social connections.

Which day of the week is market day in Esporles?

On Mallorca, every day is market day! There’s always one tiny village with a market. Big markets like the Sunday market in Santa Maria are interesting because of their big variety, but tiny markets like this one in Esporles are way more charming.

Market day in Esporles is Saturday!

If you are looking for markets on Mallorca in other villages: Just ask some locals or check a newspaper, if there’s a market nearby. If you have a car, just drive around the countryside and the smaller villages during the morning, and I’m sure, you will find a nice market.

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca


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