Majorca: Market day in Esporles

For over 15 years, Mallorca is sort of my second homebase. Whenever I have some time, I’m visiting and over the years, I got to know the island very well. So I’ll be sharing some island stories and secret spots for your next stay on Mallorca from time to time here on the blog.

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Mallorca is a hotspot for foodies.

One short visit at one of those numerous markets on the island and you will know what I’m talking about. Every little village here has still its very own market day during the week. Often you will even find market stalls from local vendors who are selling their own products from their own cultivation on their families’ finca.

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Mallorquinian soil is very fertil – and the evershining sun does the rest. Lemon and orange trees are spread all over the island and almost everything you need for a healthy mediterrenean diet can be found here: olives, juicy tomatoes, fresh fish, dried fruits, big watermelons – the list is endless.

Market in Esporles

In addition, market day is often the event during the week at remote villages. Beside of getting fresher food than at a bigger supermarket right in front of your doorstep, it’s still the best opportunity to get to know the latest village rumours or to just have a nice chat over a café con leche with your neighbours. Especially for elderly locals, who don’t drive or barely leave their village, market day is a good way to keep up some social connections.

When is market day?

On Mallorca, every day is market day! There’s always one tiny village with a market. Big markets like the Sunday market in Santa Maria are interesting because of their big variety, but tiny markets like this one on Saturdays in Esporles are way more charming.

Just ask some locals or check a newspaper, if there’s a market nearby.

Or if you have a car, just drive around the countryside and the smaller villages during the morning, and I’m sure, you will find a nice market.

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

Markt in Esporles, Mallorca

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  1. Über Märkte zu bummeln macht richtig Spaß. Vor allem, wenn man dann auch noch ein bisschen etwas einkaufen kann. Ich entdecke da so manche Spezialitäten, die ich vorher nicht kannte.

  2. Are those apricots in the first pic? YUM!! I love exploring markets when I travel and then transforming the produce into something delicious for dinner!

  3. I love outdoor markets, It looks quite festive and colorful and the fruits/veggies are always nice to see from the vendors directly.

  4. Wow I didn’t realize Mallorca was a foodies heaven! We love markets! Living in Southern California we are spoiled for choice when it comes to markets. I love that farmers markets are really making a come back through the US. They are great!

  5. I love going to local markets, it’s a great way to get a real cultural experience when traveling to a new place.

  6. We’ve only been to Mallorca once, a long time ago, and stayed at a resort, but living like a local is a much better way to do it! I love your beautiful food and scene photos. You can make even lettuce look good! ;)

    1. Thanks Jolanta, that’s sweet! If you ever come back to Mallorca you should put the resorts aside, rent a car and stay at a finca or a small independent hotel. There are so many options and that’s how you can get to know the island best.

  7. Mouth. Watering. I love a great market day in the states or abroad. When we travel we always try to find out when the market days are. Everything there looks so delicious and fresh, I could spend all day trying the fruits and vegetables and then go home and eat some more!

  8. Ich find noch schöne wenn das Produkt von dem eigene Garten Binde Verkäufer ist ganz Nutur kultiviert ist, manchmal der Tomaten hat ein ungewöhnlicher Form,aber Geschmack. Super. Oder Ziegenkäse, Schafskäse

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