Mallorcan specialties: You have to try these 10 dishes on Mallorca!

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What do you actually have to eat on Mallorca? What are typical Mallorcan dishes? In general, typical Mallorcan cuisine consists of the usual Mediterranean ingredients. All kinds of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants; fish and seafood; meat (including lamb) and of course lots of garlic and olive oil make Mallorca’s cuisine not only healthy but also varied. In this article, I’ll tell you which 10 Mallorcan specialties you shouldn’t miss out on.

#1 Ensaimada

As soon as you arrive at the airport in Palma, you will notice the hexagonal boxes hanging from delicatessens in every conceivable size: This is the traditional packaging of ensaimadas. (Tip: If you want to take one or more ensaimadas home with you, you will still have the opportunity at the airport).

Ensaimadas Mallorca Forno Santo Cristo
Ensaimadas are often packed in hexagonal boxes for transportation.
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An ensaimada is a type of sweet snail made from yeast dough and is traditionally spread with plenty of lard and baked. So not for vegetarians! Ensaimadas are available plain or filled. Popular fillings include angel hair, vanilla or chocolate cream, dulce de leche or more exotic combinations such as sobrasada.

You can find delicious ensaimadas in many bakeries on Mallorca. In the Horno Santo Christo stores, you can not only buy ensaimadas, but also try them directly in a pleasant atmosphere with a café con leche.

#2 Frito mallorquin / Frit mallorquí

Frito mallorquin is one of the Mallorcan specialties that is not everyone’s cup of tea. The original version of this stew is prepared with lamb offal (liver, lungs and heart). The offal is briefly fried with onions in plenty of olive oil, then chopped vegetables such as peppers, fennel, peas and potatoes are added and everything is braised. Frito mallorquín is served as a main course, but can also be served lukewarm in small quantities as tapas.

However, there are now also versions without offal or completely meat-free.

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#3 Gató de almendra / Gató d’ametlla

Mallorca is known for its almond blossom in February, which creates a sea of flowers in many places. No wonder that almonds also play a role in Mallorcan cuisine. The Mallorcan almond cake Gató d’ametlla is light and fluffy and consists almost entirely of eggs, sugar and almonds. Enjoy a slice with a scoop of genuine Mallorcan almond ice cream.

You can find the recipe here.

Mallorcan almond cake Gató de Almendra with almond ice cream
Best with almond ice cream: Gató de almendra, the Mallorcan almond cake

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#4 Coca de patata

Cocas de patatas are fluffy, sweet yeast rolls made from potato flour, which are a delicious snack with coffee when dusted with powdered sugar. The best cocas on the island can be found in Valldemossa! Here they are freshly baked from morning to late afternoon and you can often find lukewarm cocas fresh from the oven.

More about Valldemossa & where to find the best cocas de patata!

Cocas de Patata Valldemossa Mallorca
The tastiest in Valldemossa: cocas de patata.

#5 Coca mallorquina / Coca de trampó

In contrast to the cocas de patatas, the coca mallorquina is a hearty specialty. The coca mallorquina is a kind of thin pizza without cheese, but topped with lots of vegetables, especially peppers. This vegetable pie can be eaten cold or warm, as a snack or as a small starter. Attention vegetarians: Traditionally, the dough is made with lard.

Cocas de trampó Mallorca
Hearty cocas are often found in bakeries and cafés as a snack between meals.

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#6 Sobrasada

Sobrasada is a type of spicy, hot paprika sausage that is eaten without the casing like a spread on bread. My favorite way to eat them is on a fresh slice of bread, a few drops of honey on top and toasted in the oven for a few minutes – delicious!

Sobrasada is often available as “picante” (spicy) or “dulce” (sweet).

Sobrasada Majorcan specialty sausage
The spicy sobrasada bell pepper sausage is a great souvenir from the market.

You can also buy sobrasadas (and other Mallorcan products such as cheese, olive oil and ham) at the many great markets on the island, such as the market in Esporles.

Here you can find an overview of the most beautiful markets on Mallorca: All markets on Mallorca with weekdays

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#7 Pa amb oli

Pa amb Oli translates as “bread with oil” and is as simple as it is delicious. Rustic farmhouse bread is toasted and spread with olive oil, Ramillet tomatoes and garlic. Ramillet tomat oes are a special type of tomato on Mallorca. They are often sold hanging with a panicle and have a particularly firm skin. For Pa amb Oli, simply cut them open and grate the cut surface over the bread.
Pa amb Oli is available in different variations. Olives and cheese are often served with it.

Pa am Oli bread with tomatoes and oil Mallorca
Pa amb Oli here topped with tortilla.

#8 Tumbet

A tumbet mallorquí is a delicious, rich vegetable dish that is also suitable for vegetarians. Potatoes, eggplants, peppers and onions are sautéed in plenty of olive oil, doused with a tomato sauce and then braised in the oven. Tumbet is served as a side dish with meat and fish, as a starter, cold or as a complete main course.

Garlic and chili peppers in Mallorca
Garlic belongs in every tumbet!
Vegetable stall at market in Mallorca
Mallorcan cuisine: Mediterranean dishes with lots of vegetables.

#9 Sopas mallorquinas

No, that’s not a spelling mistake, a sopas mallorquinas is always referred to in the plural :) Strictly speaking, it is a rich stew with white cabbage and pork, served on thick cubes of bread. A traditional farmer’s dish that will keep you going all day!

Mallorcan stew
Not always appetizing, but delicious: typical Mallorcan stews.

#10 Arroz brut

Another stew: Arroz brut (dirty rice) is usually served in a clay pot and consists of rice, broth, vegetables, meat and offal, which give the stew its color. Another rice dish that you will also find very often in Mallorca is the famous paella.

Bonus tip: Paella

Paella is not, strictly speaking, a typical Mallorcan dish and originally comes from the area around Valencia. But you will also find many restaurants serving paella in Mallorca! And because a paella can be a huge event, depending on its size, and really brings the Spanish way of life to life, I highly recommend you try a paella! Especially if you like seafood, you’ll be delighted!

Giant paella pan with prawns and mussels Mallorcan specialties
Huge paellas are a culinary experience!
Fresh fish in Mallorca
Mallorca is a dream for fish and seafood lovers!

Tips for eating in Mallorca

As you can see, Mallorcan cuisine is very rich! Many types of fruit and vegetables come directly from the island, and you can taste it! So much grows on Mallorca: oranges, lemons, olives, almonds and more! I also highly recommend visiting one of the many markets – and if you are self-catering in your accommodation and enjoy cooking, you will be delighted with the island’s great produce!

Foodie tip: Would you like to cook for yourself on vacation? You’ll also find plenty of wonderful self-catering accommodation in Mallorca!

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