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Mallorca is like my second home! I’m spending so much time on the island and in Palma de Mallorca, that I’ve collected so many great tips that I want to share!

So if you’re looking for the latest insider tips or cool locations for your Mallorca vacation or a short weekend trip to Palma, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for on my Mallorca blog!

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In Mallorca you will find everything: party, tranquility, nature, solitude, lifestyle, relaxation! Mallorca is the perfect island: not too big, not too small, there are offers for every taste and budget. Although I know Mallorca really well by now, I also keep discovering great new corners.

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Do you have any other great tips for Mallorca? Or are you representing a shop/café/restaurant that you would like to feature? I am always on the lookout for exciting locations. Just send me a message. :)