Thailand has the cutest airport ever: Koh Samui Airport.

When I landed at Koh Samui airport I suddenly remembered: I always loved the atmosphere at airports since I was a little girl. No wonder I ended up in the airline industry. I remember a few visits as a child to our home airport in Düsseldorf which has then already been one of the bigger airports in Germany, but I really freaked out when I saw Frankfurt Airport for the first time at the age of 10. I was so amazed only by the size! This visit probably sealed my fate as a future flight attendant.

Anyway, things change as time goes by and now I appreciate the advantages of a smaller airport. No queues, short ways, no hurrying to the next flight and most important, the staff still cares about you as a traveller and takes much better care of you in numerous situations than at a big, unpersonal airport. Everybody knows everybody and the atmosphere is charming.

Favorite airport in the world: Koh Samui (USM)

When I landed there, I was so surprised about how tiny it was! With all the tourist hotels on the island I thought of a much busier airport – but no. It even hasn’t a proper terminal as you might expect it. No gateways – and no buses either! Tiny sightseeing carts will pick you up at the aircraft and drop you off at the so-called terminal – which is actually a little bigger than a bamboo hut. The design is stylish and tropical and the minute you step out of the aircraft you know you landed in a tropical paradise.

ATR-72 of Bangkok Airways at Koh Samui Airport USM
Bangkok Airways ATR72 at Ko Samui airport

It felt almost like arriving on “Fantasy Island” – I was constantly looking out for Ricardo Montalban jumping out of the corner with his welcome committee throwing a flower chain around my neck!

Ko Samui airport apron

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Arrival at Koh Samui Airport

Arriving is easy and fast. The cart drops you off right at your baggage belt and you are outside in seconds.

Leaving Koh Samui Airport

Departure is the same – I recommend to arrive a little bit earlier so you can enjoy some time at the airport. Sounds weird, I know, but the whole “terminal” is more an open air garden with a lot of cafés and snack bars than an airport terminal.

How to get to Koh Samui airport

Samui Airport is owned by Bangkok Airways, which does most of the flights. So you will probably get there with them. If you do, don’t forget to stop by at their lounge! It’s open to all Bangkok Airways passengers. Drinks and Snacks are served and you will get a free WIFI code. Over all, the service of Bangkok Airways is one of a kind!

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Happy landings!


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