Jumping into cold water

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What I love about blogging is that it can be a free creative space for all sorts of projects and thoughts. And sometimes, as new thoughts come to my mind, I like to change things. Just like that. Because this blog is my own little playground.

Why is this post written in English, you might think?

Reason 1:

When I started this blog I chose an English name on purpose, thinking that a blog that revolves around traveling should have an international name. And instead, I started to write in German. Seems odd, huh? That’s what I thought, too.

Reason 2:

Every time I make new friends on the road, I tell them about my blog. Because it’s a cool way to stay in touch after a trip. Most of the people aren’t even German, but from all over the world – and our main language is mostly English. So in a way, it makes more sense to me to write in English, as I’m using it on the road.

Reason 3: 

I’m very active on Instagram, even more than on this blog – and I’ve always posted my Instagrams in English, too. So why not blog in English?

In this spirit, I’m jumping into the cold water today – and I’m starting to write here in English from now on.

Happy landings!

This article is available in enEnglish

  1. Your English is fantastic! As a non-German speaker I’m delighted I can easily follow your adventures on here :)

    1. Oh, thank you Jayne! You won’t believe how happy I am about your feedback! It’s sometimes hard not to write in your native language and I’m always struggling not to switch back to German. But I’m glad now that people aren’t totally turned off by my English writing skills ;)
      Hug from Thailand,

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