Street Art Palma de Mallorca

What I love about blogging is that it can be a free creative space for all sorts of projects and thoughts. And sometimes, as new thoughts come to my mind, I like to change things. Just like that. Because this blog is my own little playground.

Why is this post written in English, you might think?

Reason 1:

When I started this blog I chose an English name on purpose, thinking that a blog that revolves around traveling should have an international name. And instead, I started to write in German. Seems odd, huh? That’s what I thought, too.

Reason 2:

Every time I make new friends on the road, I tell them about my blog. Because it’s a cool way to stay in touch after a trip. Most of the people aren’t even German, but from all over the world – and our main language is mostly English. So in a way, it makes more sense to me to write in English, as I’m using it on the road.

Reason 3: 

I’m very active on Instagram, even more than on this blog – and I’ve always posted my Instagrams in English, too. So why not blog in English?

In this spirit, I’m jumping into the cold water today – and I’m starting to write here in English from now on.

Happy landings!