Jardines d’Alfabia – Mallorca’s tropical oasis

Was there really a time on Mallorca before binge-drinking at the beach and clubbing all night on the Britishs’ and Germans’ favourite party island? Still, to many people Mallorca is the place for a perfect party vacation. Nothing wrong with that, but Mallorca has also a interesting long history – who knew?

Jardines d'Alfabia, Mallorca

On my way to learn more about Mallorca’s past I found myself at the Jardines d’Alfabia – an old manor house built in the 12th century surrounded by a tropical garden. Located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains in between of a landscape which is usually very dry during the hot Mallorquinian summers with almost no rain, the Jardines are truly a cool and relaxing oasis.

Jardines d'Alfabia, Mallorca

The architecture reflects various influences of the owners who have lived here – the land has been owned by Arabs, Andalusians, Moors, Spains and many more. Multicultural at its best.

Welcome to the jungle

The main house and some stables can be visited – and once you are through you will arrive at the gardens. With enormously high palm trees and a well-cared, densely planted vegetation the gardens are a real sight. The blooming gardens also attract many animals and the twittering of an army of birds makes you feel like you were in an exotic forest.


Jardines d'Alfabia, Mallorca

Jardines d'Alfabia, Mallorca

Donkey love

And in the end that’s the reason which really made me fall in love with the Jardines: the donkey which lives on the property as well. Isn’t it the cutest with ist big brown eyes?

When to go

The whole area isn’t very big, you take a look at the house, wander around the gardens and enjoy the panoramic view. Perfect for spending the morning or the afternoon, until you continue your trip around the island. Or, as the historic cable car from Palma to Soller has recently opened a station near the Jardines, you stop for a few hours at the Jardines d’Alfabia and then head to Soller.

Jardines d'Alfabia, Mallorca


The Jardines d’Alfabia are located near Bunyola, right next to the entrance of the tunnel to Soller.
Entrance fee 6,50€ (during summer) – on the homepage you will also find a 10% discount coupon (which we missed, but okay…)
Good news for dog owners: Dogs are allowed in the gardens! (quite unusual for Mallorca)

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of the mallorca that I visited when I was 12. Much has happened since but, sadly, most people dont know about the regular part of the island where normal people live, away from the British and German tourists. Looking forward to seeing the island’s rebirth

  2. I would love to visit Jardines d’Alfabia. It looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place to explore. It’s good to know that Mallorca is more than just a party town. I try to avoid those areas, but then again, I travel with 2 kids :)

  3. What gorgeous photos!The columned walkway with the greens overhead is a sight unto itself. I could definitely imagine how pleasant a morning or afternoon visit would be. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Wow–this place looks amazing! I love old buildings and gardens like this! Great photos–I really love the first one with the plant :)

  5. I have always been fascinated with Mallorca ever since I found out my favorite Nadal lives there with his family. So, the image of a party island with this wonderful garden with history in d’Alfabia gives me other reasons to go!

  6. You got some amazing photos! I love discovering the ‘unknown’ historical or cultural side to popular destinations.

  7. Tks for showing us such a beautiful place! We have been to Ibiza but never made it to Mallorca.
    I`m quite surprised to see the place empty. Did you go early in the morning?

    1. I was surprised, too :) We went in the late morning, and it was during the week. It just seems to me that it’s not a well-known place, and as there are so many other attractions on the island this rather small one loses to the others ;)

  8. Thanks for writing this and featuring such a beautiful location – it’s finally nice to read a post about Mallorca which doesn’t contain recommendations for an extreme overdose of booze! There really is so much more to every “party place” and I think if people were willing to not wake up hungover they would be met with a number of amazing surprises!

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