Hot air balloon ride over Mallorca: Experience of a lifetime!

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Are you looking for an exceptional experience in Mallorca? I already did a lot on the island, but even I was really overwhelmed by our hot air balloon ride over Mallorca! If you have something to celebrate on your Mallorca vacation or if you want to fly back home with an unforgettable memory in your mind: Voilà! In this article I’ll tell you about my balloon ride in Mallorca, how it felt and if it’s really worth it!

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Burner with fire hot air balloon
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Discovering Mallorca on a hot air balloon ride

Pling. The glasses clink as we’re toasting. Actually, I would have needed the sip of cava rather before takeoff than up in the air high above Felanitx. It’s true that as a flight attendant, I’m probably a little less scared of flying due to my job, and I’ve already took my first ride in a hot air balloon back in Mexico City. Nevertheless, ballooning is not an everyday experience and it is always exciting.

Toast with champagne glasses in hot air balloon
Aerial view Felanitx in Mallorca
Sunrise in hot air balloon over Mallorca
Sunrise in hot air balloon
Sunrise over Mallorca

A perfect start into the new year on Mallorca

Silently, we’re floating above Felanitx towards the sunrise, only interrupted by the roar of the burner when our pilot Jordi adds some hot air. It seems so crazy that we’re just standing in a big basket made of weed! We’re floating several hundred meters above the ground and are enjoying the view over the island with the best weather. I thought that nothing could surprise me anymore in Mallorca, but this experience really swept me off my feet!

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Private tours with a hot air balloon

The start of the new year couldn’t have been more beautiful. By the way, the four of us didn’t only celebrate the start of the new year, but also the birthday of my dear friend Sandra, who happened to be on the island – and the a balloon ride was the perfect birthday surprise! Maybe you want to celebrate something special on Mallorca, too? Birthdays, marriage proposals, everything is possible! And if you want to enjoy the ride all alone with your loved one, you can also book a private tour here:

Private hot air balloon ride for two*

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FAQ about hot air ballooning in Mallorca

What is the route of the hot air balloon?

The route depends on the wind conditions, take off is usually in the interior of the island. For example, we started a little outside Manacor and then drove towards Felanitx.

Which is better? Sunrise or sunset?

You can book the balloon ride at sunrise or sunset. Both have their merits! At sunrise it can be a bit hazier in colder seasons and in summer you have to get up really early. (We met in January at 7.30am; in summer it is much earlier). But you are rewarded with an incredible start into the rising sun.
However, you may not want to stress yourself out with early appointments while on vacation. In that case, I recommend a sunset ride.

Getting up early for the sunrise was worth it!

Who can go?

You should be able to get into the balloon: Helpers are there, but it can be difficult for people with limited mobility. Children should be at least 4 years old, dogs and pregnant women are unfortunately not allowed.

Is ballooning safe?

Our pilot Jordi, also the owner of the company, has over 30 years of experience in hot air ballooning and has participated in various balloon festivals and competitions around the world. We felt very safe! The landing might be a bit bumpy, as the basket can touch the ground several times before finally coming to a standstill, but Jordi prepared us very well – and a bit of adventure is never wrong, right?

Cava is of course only for the guests, not for the pilot :)

What is the best thing to wear? Do you need warm clothes?

You don’t go that high up with the balloon that it could get very cold. Besides, the burner also emits heat, so you don’t have to wrap yourself up with extra clothes. However, for safe entry and exit, you should avoid flip-flops or sandals and rather wear sneakers or other sturdy footwear.

Sturdy shoes are an advantage when ballooning, especially if you land in a field :)

Where do you land?

When ballooning, you have to be a little spontaneous: You’ll land wherever it suits you. And sometimes even that becomes an adventure! For example, we landed in a field of a finca!

When is the best time to plan a balloon flight in Mallorca?

Be aware that a balloon ride always depends on the weather. Mallorca is an island and weather conditions can change quickly. If it is too windy, rainy or the visibility is too bad, the balloon stays on the ground. Jordi will contact you in time and arrange an alternative date with you. (For us in January, the weather was also very mixed, we also had to postpone once or twice). Therefore, it is best to plan your trip at the beginning of your stay and book in time, because in high season the places are in demand.

Here you can check directly when dates are still available*:

How long is the balloon ride?

The trip itself takes about an hour. But plan a little more time, plus the drive back to the meeting point plus set-up, briefing etc.

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Get Your Guide invited us to this balloon ride. (Views from outside the balloon: ©IBBallooning)

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