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Fabrika Tbilisi: Hostel, Coworking Space & Creative Hotspot

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Somehow it’s no wonder that Tbilisi and Georgia end up more and more often on travel wish lists: Things are happening in Tbilisi. While tourists can still somehow come to terms with overcrowded and hyped city destinations like Berlin or Barcelona by going there out of season, the whole thing looks different for the ever-growing number of nomadic freelancers and artists. Berlin and Barcelona have always been prototypes for energetic, international cities where it was possible to live and work spontaneously and at low cost. But just: That was once.

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Entrance former factory Fabrika Tbilisi
The Fabrika in Tbilisi was once a – surprise – factory.

Fabrika Tbilisi: Hostel & Sanctuary for Creatives and Digital Nomads

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Coworking spaces are no longer these small-scale organized office communities that you can book into spontaneously – they have now become a real industry in which big players are happy to play. At the appropriate price. It is also not getting any easier for artists to find suitable studio space.

Street art near Fabrika Tblisi

And somehow, at least in Berlin, this is reflected in the mood of the city. Everything has become a little less creative, less spontaneous, less innovative. As a tourist, you may not care about that at first, but a creative, vibrant environment influences the atmosphere of a city. And this spontaneous, exciting – isn’t that what interests us about such cities? Fabrika Tbilisi is not only a coworking space, but also a pretty cool hostel! (By the way, there are also private rooms).

Fabrika Tbilisi Restaurant

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Fabrika Tbilisi*

fabrika tbilisi
An old Volkswagen van serves as a photo booth at Fabrika Tbilisi.

Fabrika Tbilisi – the urban hotspot of Tbilisi

Fabrika in Tbilisi is such an exciting place. Formerly a large textile factory, here is a kind of cultural center of the city. The centerpiece is the large building on the side of the street: where sewing machines once rattled in Soviet times, hipsters from all over the world now sleep in the Fabrika Hostel. The lobby: an old hall with meter-high mullioned windows, furnished with comfortable sofas and pinball machines.

Fabrika Tbilisi courtyard with cafes and studios
Courtyard Fabrika Tbilisi

Next door is the adjoining restaurant with good cuisine, you can feel the will to create innovative dishes! So delicious!

Georgian goulash with mashed potatoes
Burger at Fabrika Tbilisi Restaurant

However, there are other bars and restaurants on the premises, plus artist studios and a large coworking space. And all kinds of little gimmicks: the most beautiful murals, a converted VW van as a photo booth and an old Lada as a photo spot.

Here you can book your room in the Fabrika!*

fabrika tbilisi
Street Art at its best: Huge Mural at the Fabrika Tbilisi
Street Art in Tbilisi


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Disclaimer: The Tourism Development Department der Tbilisi City invited Sandra from Tracks and the City and me to this trip.

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