Mallorca’s dream beach: Es Trenc

Every time I’m at Es Trenc, the famous beach in the South East of Mallorca, it feels like a trip to the Caribbean Sea. After an adventurous drive on a dirt road of several kilometres length, which is just a middle class car wide, but through which the oncoming traffic has to pass, one reaches the parking place of Es Trenc. Once past salt basins and through dunes that could be like this or similar ones in northern Germany, one is already dazzled by the whitest sand and light turquoise sea.

Like in the Carribeans

Days before there was unfortunately a heavy storm on the island. The mallorcan beach cleaners were not yet through when we arrived, so algae were still drifting on the beach. But it was no problem, the water was still crystal clear. As the water in Es Trenc is very salty, you feel at least as fluffy when swimming as the white sandy beach.

Es Trenc: A secret hotspot in Mallorca

Es Trenc has not been an insider tip for ages. Luckily, the whole area around the beach is a huge nature reserve, so touristic big buildings are not allowed. But also because of this Es Trenc attracts many people looking for a special beach – so an early arrival is a good idea. Best during the week, because many locals also come here on weekends. And then it gets cozy on the beach. Nevertheless: Es Trenc is simply hard to beat on Mallorca. If it gets too crowded on the beach, you can simply escape into the water until you grow webbed feet: you can walk forever into the water (great for kids) and at some point it gets quieter. And in midsummer the water gets so warm that you don’t want to get out anyway.

Es Trenc, Mallorca

How to get to Es Trenc & Helpful information for your visit

Arrival best by car/rental car – arrive early in the morning.

Drive to Campos, from there follow the signs (Es Trenc/Ses Salines – this is my favourite corner – or Es Trenc/Ses Covetes).

Es Trenc is quite expensive.
The parking lot Ses Salines costs 6€ per day. (There is no free alternative, and ignore the first car park on the right! Follow the narrow dirt road to the end. Attention: Nothing for insecure rental car drivers or huge SUVs, the path is very narrow for a long time, and when oncoming traffic comes, it will be fun :-)
On top of that there are rental fees for umbrellas and sunbeds, if desired. However, there are corners where you can set up your own beach equipment.
Food and drink is quite good in the Chiringuitos (beach bars), but here you can’t expect any gastronomic highlights or bargain prices either. I am always self-catering concerning the food and depending on my mood I get one or another cool drink at the bar.


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