The Best Cooking Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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At first, I thought a cooking class in Thailand wouldn’t be that interesting at all. Might be too expensive. But turns out, Springfield is so interesting! And Thai cuisine is not only delicious, but also easy to recreate. However, you have to get used to the exotic ingredients first! And the best way to do that is in one of the many cooking schools. I chose a cooking class in Chiang Mai. In this post, I’ll tell you what it was like to cook Thai food for the first time!

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Why take a cooking course in Thailand?

Cooking classes are available on every corner in Thailand, at reasonable prices. If you consider that you also taste and eat everything, and thus get a huge meal for the day in addition, the cooking course in Chiang Mai is actually a bargain. And it’s fun, too – I got a great group of people with whom the day flew by.

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You get to know the ingredients, which you usually only see already prepared, and can later cook your favorite dish from your Thailand vacation at home all by yourself. After a cooking class, galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves are no longer foreign words for you!

Cooking Course Chiang Mai Cooking in Wok

Make your own fresh Thai curry paste

Who would have thought that it is so easy to make your very own curry paste for your typical Thai curry? In the cooking class you will be shown the main ingredients and which ones to use for a red, yellow or green curry paste.

All together in the mortar and enjoy the rising aroma! Depending on your preference, more or less chili and the homemade curry paste is ready! With a few simple steps you can conjure up a great curry paste, with which you can cook real Thai curries.

Recipe for a homemade curry paste

Plate with fresh food, cleaver and wooden board.

The most popular Thai dishes from Tom Kha Gai to Thai Curry

From Pad Thai to your own homemade curry: you can choose your favorite typical Thai dishes from a list. It is best to choose different ones in the group, then you can try among themselves. Super delicious and easy to recreate at home. A recipe book was included for free with our cooking class in Chiang Mai!

Cooking course Thailand recipe for spring rolls
Spring rolls are easy to make – once you get the hang of it.

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Tom Kha Gai soup in a cooking class in Thailand
My very first Tom Kha Gai soup. A little pale – but soooo delicious!

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Cooking course on a farm in Chiang Mai

My tip for a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai: Some providers offer their cooking classes on farms outside the city center. The area around Chiang is super green and scenic! This way you can get out of the city a bit and get a taste of the countryside. My course also included a ride on a local train.

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Country road around Chiang Mai Thailand with bike rider
Country life in Thailand: During the lunch break from the cooking course, the surroundings are explored.

During the lunch break we could borrow one of the numerous bikes and explore the surroundings around the farm on our own. Real country life in Thailand! The area around Chiang Mai is very rural and a great contrast to the busy city. So you can also get to know a little more authentic Thailand at the same time.

How does a good cooking course in Thailand look like?

Most cooking classes include the following:

  • Visit to the local market before the actual cooking: this way you get to know all the important ingredients in their raw state and can buy them on your own next time, even if you don’t know the language!
  • all ingredients for cooking plus drinks
  • a 3 to 4 course menu: Often you can choose one of several dishes, which you then cook. It’s best to take different ones in a group, so everyone can have a go at each one.
  • a small recipe book with all the recipes of the course, so that you can cook the dishes at home; many ingredients can also be found in Asian supermarkets

You can take a cooking course in Thailand in many cities: You can find a good cooking school on almost every corner!

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Where to stay in Chiang Mai

You’ll be surprised at the choice: There are so many affordable yet stylish accommodations in Chiang Mai! I can especially recommend the ➜ Heyha Guesthouse*

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