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Cooking Class in Chiang Mai for Thai Food Lovers

Before my first visit, I’d never had the idea to do a cooking class in Thailand. Too expensive, I thought, and probably only interesting for ambitious chefs. But when I got there I realized: You can book a cooking course in Thailand almost everywhere. Visiting a cooking class in Thailand is kind of a must-do for anyone traveling to Thailand. The cooking courses are not expensive and considering that you get to eat what you’re cooking during the day it’s a real bargain. Fun is guaranteed, cooking is very communicative and you can improve your Thai cooking skills at the same time! And who doesn’t love Thai food? So, when I had the time in Chiang Mai, I enrolled my self in a one day Thai cooking class. In retrospective, I’m happy that I chose to do this in Chiang Mai, the setting couldn’t be more beautiful! Our class took place on a farm outside the city in a rural area, such a contrast and so relaxing!

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai: Making your own homemade Thai curry paste

Chiang Mai cooking class Thailand preparation ingredients
The Cooking Class in Chiang Mai was one of my highlights on my trip through Thailand.

Who would have known that doing your own Thai curry is so easy? At a Thai cooking class you’ll learn which ingredients to pick for red, yellow or green curry. Mix it all together in a mortar, add spices according to your taste and tadaa – you made your very own homemade Thai curry paste!

Chiang Mai cooking class homemade thai curry paste

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Cooking class on a farm around Chiang Mai

I booked my cooking class at Smart Cook in Chiang Mai. A piece of advice: Book a cooking course on a farm! You’ll see more from the beautiful countryside around Chiang Mai and it’s a real treat to get out of the bustling city for a day.

Chiang Mai cooking class the countryside around chiang mai thailand

My course even included a ride with a local train to the farm which was very interesting.  On the farm, we took a little break during lunchtime and there were a ton of bicycles we could use to ride around the small farmers’ village and explore the surroundings like a buddhist temple. So relaxing!

What dishes do you learn to prepare in a Thai cooking class?

The food we cooked was super delicious! We could choose our own dish from a variety of meals, but in the end we got a recipe book with all recipes for free! I prepared a delicious green curry with chicken and rice and Pad Thai, the famous Thai noodle dish you’ll get everywhere in Thailand!

pad thai with chicken at the chiang mai cooking class
At the cooking class, I learned to cook one of my favourite Thai dishes: Pad Thai with chicken.

How to find a good cooking class in Thailand

Most cooking classes in Thailand include the following items:

    • Visiting the local market before starting the course: That’s how you get to know best all exotic and important ingredients of the Thai cuisine – and you can identify them easier next time you go to a market on your own!
    • all ingredients are included plus simple beverages like water or soda
    • a menu consisting of 3 to 4 dishes: mostly you can choose between a variety of dishes, I recommend to choose different ones in the group, so you can swap and taste a bit of everything
    • a small recipe book with all recipes of the cooking class

A few cooking schools provide classes in unusual surroundings like Smart Cook in Chiang Mai: Here they are offering cooking classes in an open air kitchen on a farm outside Chiang Mai.



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