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Cambrils: How to spend a lovely vacation at the Costa Dorada

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Cambrils is located on the Costa Dorada (Catalan: Costa Daurada) in the autonomous region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain and, like many of the small coastal towns there, is very popular with vacationers. In summer, flat beaches and vacation feeling attract a lot of visitors, but also in the off-season Cambrils has its charm!

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The port of Cambrils

The center of the town is the small fishing port of Cambrils. Fishing boats leave here around the clock and ensure that there is always fresh fish in restaurants and local kitchens in the area. While the trawlers set out with their trawl nets in the morning, the light fishermen set out in the evening.

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Boats in the port of Cambrils
Fishing nets

Every day around 5 p.m. the trawlers enter the harbor again with their catch, which is a spectacle not only for the hungry seagulls around. If you are looking for really fresh fish, this is the place to be!

Fishing boats in the port of Cambrils

In general, the small port of Cambrils is very idyllic and a visit can always be combined with a walk along the promenade. The harbor itself hasn’t been around that long: on the information boards around it, you can see on black and white photos how the fishermen used to get into their boats right on the beach here and set off!

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Two metal fish, part of the sculpture "El Pla de les Serenes" in Cambrils.
The statue "El Pla de les Serenes" on the promenade of Cambrils shows two mermaids.
The sculpture “El Pla de les Serenes” on the promenade shows two mermaids.

Torre del Puerto

The Torre del Puerto is an old watchtower right on the Passeig Miramar, the promenade of Cambrils. Built in the 17th century to defend the city against pirates, it now houses part of the Museo de Historia de Cambrils. The former watchtower is now used for events or temporary exhibitions on the history of Cambrils.

Around the Torre del Puerto you will also find many restaurants where you can sit comfortably outside and enjoy the flair of the fishing village.

Torre del Puerto, a landmark in Cambrils on the promenade

Eating and drinking in Cambrils

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El Pòsit

A little off the promenade you will find one of the most traditional restaurants in Cambrils. Originally located at the port of Cambrils for over 30 years, making it a popular spot for fishermen, El Pòsit moved to Plaça de Mossèn Joan Batalla near the pedestrian zone in 2004.

Here you can get traditional dishes with fish and seafood in the best quality and at a good price.

Open for lunch Monday through Friday; dinner only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Rincón de Diego

Things are more upscale at Rincón de Diego, but I wouldn’t have expected anything else in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Nevertheless, the gastronomic 6-course menu more than exceeded my expectations. And when the press text says “chef Diego Campos conjures up exquisite dishes with Basque and Mediterranean influences and displays extraordinary creativity” then that is an understatement: The presentation alone became more and more fascinating with each course.

Table set with wine glasses and place plates at Rincon de Diego restaurant in Cambrils
Star cuisine at Rincón de Diego in Cambrils

The 6-course menu costs 60 euros, with wine, water and coffee 80 euros. Absolutely recommended if you want to enjoy star cuisine for once!

Reservations & current menu at Rincón de Diego

Marshmallows put on golden forks and spoons and red chocolate in the shape of lips for dessert

Events and festivals in Cambrils

Cambrils goes to great lengths to ensure that visitors are not bored: Throughout the year there are various festivals and events in the town. Like everywhere in Southern Europe, people like to eat well here, so there are also many culinary events. Especially popular are the “Jornades Gastronòmiques de la Galera i la Cuina Marinera“. Then, every February, everything in Cambrils revolves around the Galera, a type of lobster, and its importance for the place.

But wine lovers don’t miss out either: in October, the Cambrils Wine Festival takes place in the Parc del Pescador.

Cambrils wine festival in the evening
Wine festival in the Parc del Pescador

Apart from the fact that the location in the middle of the park is super lush, I found the whole implementation of the event so nice: at one of the stalls at the entrance you buy your “Glups” and “Nyams” which are used as a drink or food voucher, and those who have forgotten their own glass (everyone has to bring their own, a nice idea!) can also get a small shoulder bag with a wine glass in it for a deposit. So pretty! Later in the evening, there’s also live music.

More info about the wine festival “Cambrils: Entrada al pais del vi”.

Several bottles of wine at stand at wine festival in Cambrils
In Catalonia you can find numerous wine regions

Stay overnight in Cambrils

In and around Cambrils there are many places to stay. Often you can find big vacation hotels here, which I personally don’t find very appealing in the high season no matter in which place. In the low season, however, you can consistently make good bargains here, even rooms in hotels of the higher category then cost considerably less than in plain summer. At the same time, you can then enjoy the comfort of a larger facility with a pool and huge breakfast buffet – that’s also quite pleasant for a change. For example, I stayed at Sol Port Cambrils – central, well kept and very solid.

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Here’s a hotel tip given to me by a local: If you’re not at all into bed castles, but still want the vacation feeling of a resort, you should check out the Estival ElDorado Resort. It is located a little outside the city center, but directly on the beach. The resort has many amenities including multiple pools, a large fitness center, numerous restaurants and even a beach bar. Large hotels in high-rise buildings, such as those on the other side of the city in the direction of Salou, are not to be found here. Would keep in mind for the off season!

Check rates & availability for Estival ElDorado Resort* here.

Cambrils beach
Popular: The beaches in and around Cambrils

Helpful tips for a vacation in Cambrils

When is the season in Cambrils?

The vacation season in Cambrils lasts from April to October. July and August are the peak season. But like many places in southern Europe, the climate here is still mild even in October. If you want to escape the autumn in Northern Europe and enjoy a few rays of sunshine by the sea, you are definitely in the right place. By the way, many locations are closed in January, but otherwise there is always some activity in Cambrils even out of season.

How far is Cambrils from Barcelona?

Cambrils is about 120 kilometers from Barcelona. By car or rental car (book here)* the trip takes about an hour and a half. But you have the same travel time with the regional train, which goes from Barcelona along the coast and also stops directly in Cambrils. Or you can take one of the buses from BusPlana(click here for info)!

Fishing boat in Cambrils harbor

Thanks to Catalonia Tourism for the invitation to this trip!

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